Special Offer


  • 30 minute reading with me via Skype or phone  (depending on location of client)
  • February 2017 Full Moon Guided meditation with El Tron.  Travel beyond time & space to connect with deeper layers of you.
  • Messages from The Enlightened Ones 2017: Lady Sa ma Tru on Aligning with your Higher Purpose
  • Opening of the second Arcturian Healing chambers, Mexico 2017   (they then use monthly)
  • Messages from The Enlightened Ones 2016:  Lady Hope on the Power of Surrender
  • Process for Clearing Abundance Blocks

Ana-La-Rai’s Special Offer Package includes

1: Receive a 30 minute private reading with Ana-La-Rai via Skype or Telephone  (depending on your location).    Have questions prepared or simply allow Ana-La-Rai to read the energies around you.    Please be aware that you need to be ready to hear what your Guides or Higher Self want you to know!   Most of the time the readings are utilized by your Guides to “get your attention” and deal with deeper issues.   The reading focuses on you, so generally, questions about others are not addressed.
You are welcome to record this session.   Please contact me to book your appointment time.

2: In February 2017 I recorded a Guided Full Moon session and a being called “El Tron” came through from above the dimensions. This light being then guided the session, taking us past time and space.   In this 50-60 minute session you will experience very high vibrations and connect to deeper layers of Your Self.    You may listen to this session as often as you wish, each time experiencing the vibrations.

3: Messages from The Enlightened Ones is a series of sessions given to me by my Guides when I left my full-time corporate job.   Many Beings of Light lined up in my living room to come through with topics of their own.   Now, I am on Series #5 and in May 2017 a new being of light I had not heard of, came through with guidance on Aligning with your Higher Purpose.   Her name is Lady Sa ma Tru.     You will experience her energies, and receive clarity on your own purpose during this session.

4: In March 2017 the 2nd of 12 Arcturian Healing Chambers was opened on planet Earth.  The first chamber was opened in July 2016 in Italy.  This 2nd chamber was opened in Mexico.    This meditation can be used monthly for a visit to the healing chambers.  In this session, you will also meet members of the Arcturian High council.    The healing chambers are highly effective and can be only utilized for 3 minutes per month.

5: In Series #4 of Messages from The Enlightened Ones, Lady Hope, Ascended Master, speaks on the Power of Surrender.   Feel her vibrations and grace as she gives you guidance and wisdom regarding surrender.   We often forget that surrender is not giving up, but an actual choice.   Let her guide you to this space of peace.

6: Late 2016 I brought through a process that assists individuals with clearing their financial blocks.  This guided meditation is very visualize and allows you to experience the clearing of your blocks.  It can be used regularly to shift blocks around abundance as they come up to be released.    This session is powerful, letting more financial abundance flow towards you

Special Offer Package

Now $133

To book your 30 minute reading with Ana-La-Rai please go to her website, and click on the blue pop-up.  Select “30 minute radio show reading” and then select your time and date.   While it appears you will have to pay for this session, you do not as you have already purchased through the radio show.

Please note an email will be sent to Ana-La-Rai after you purchase the package and she will contact you

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