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Youthing 1: Growing Young – Alcazar’s Youthing Program

Youthing 2: From Surviving to Thriving: Breaking Through to a New Level of Mental and Emotional Vitality

We are in the process of offering what we call “the youthing program”.  This is in two parts.  The first series has been more focused on the physical body on a cellular level.  We have worked in the Growing Young series with telomeres, mitochondria, stem cells, and also what severely limits you, which is  your fear in many forms.  

So, in the first series we are working on a cellular level, supporting the body to change, allowing the body to release from your mental and emotional fields thought patterns, emotional repressions and conditioning from earlier years, which have been holding you back, which have been preventing you from living your potential.

We are about to start a program, Youthing 2, whose focus is: From Surviving to Thriving. 

Now we wish to give you some leading-edge scientific information, combined with our energetic meditations.  In both the first and second series it is the vibrational healing, the frequencies that we share with you in a meditation environment, that actually create change.  The understanding is given for the mind, but then the energy, coming through various frequencies, through the stargate, through the various guides who we will be introducing to you, the frequencies, the vibrations will bring your Beingness back toward perfect balance.  

Series 1, “Growing Young”, focuses on energizing the body at a cellular level, which supports the elimination of lower-frequency habit patterns that age the body

-Series 2, “From Surviving to Thriving”, brings in leading-edge scientific understandings to support the vibrational healing techniques that will be shared in the meditations of this series.

-Series 2 will be broadcast LIVE from Mount Shasta starting June 11th


TESTIMONIALS about Youthing 1

I an 65 years old, and for the past 37 years have been living under tropical and Mediterranean sun without the use of sunscreen (allergic to its constituents). Result? Dry, firm, leathery skin that no creams managed to soften. Then just over 2 weeks ago I started doing the telomeres meditation daily. Already, less than 3 weeks later the leatheriness is gone! My skin feels ….. well, “cosy” is the word that comes to mind! That makes telomere meditation the best anti-wrinkle cream ever!!!!!!!

– Gretta

So excited to be listening to the meditations and connecting to the Stargate. My body is coming back to life again and my cells are doing the happy dance.

– Marita, Australia

The next morning after the first meditation I did feel clearly younger, by at least 20 years, and I have to acknowledge I am 30 years old. So it is quite a great movement indeed. It is like feeling the strength and lightness of the time I was under 10 with the abilities of my 30’s. I can say it is Hugely feeling young !

-Jonathan, France

I meditate with the Stargate many hours a day, my life has changed, I have no pain anywhere, but only a great energy that you always charge more! 

-Dionisio, Italy

I have had a tendinitis on my left shoulder for months, couldn´t move it up in the front nor to the side. After the 1st week, I started to able to move it up in the front with no pain. Today I can move it well up to the side too! No pain!

-Sandra, Mozambique

I just have to post the fact that I hurt my back real bad last Thursday and had been dealing with foot and knee pain for many months. I guess I have been reluctant to post the fact my foot, knee, and back feel great because I’m in awe of how quick the pain has vanished!  

-David, CA





Special Offer Youthing 1

– “Growing Young”


Special Offer Youthing 2

– “From Surviving to Thriving”

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