Guest Speakers

Audrey Light Language

Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect/Energy Engineer is a New York-based energy worker,  speaker of the Languages of the Light and the Akash, and a Divine channel.
She is celebrated as a ‘healer to the healers’ from ‘time before time,’ and was a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for humanity and Gaia. Audrey has worked with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or phone for: light language healing, the language of the Akash, channeled messages from higher beings, sacred key numerical codes and your own personal list of ascension numbers, and DNA upgrades, all extremely powerful releasing, healing and activations that occur on multiple levels.

She has been featured many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC- America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo-  she has shared her work at the Edgar Cayce Center, she is a world renowned healer. She has also been featured and interviewed on popular radio shows such as Awakening Heart Network and Lauren Galeys’ Quantum Conversations and Healing Conversations, as well as John Burgos’ Beyond the Ordinary Show. This is healing without the smoke & mirrors- healing through the illusions, to the truth, to return you to the magic of that which you are. Welcome to your EVOLution, the rEVOLution of Light & Love!

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Carla van Raay

Carla van Raay is the author of God’s Callgirl, the memoir of a Catholic girl who became a nun at age 18 and a

prostitute at age 34. Both life choices were based on early childhood sexual abuse, and when this became clear to Carla her life became a search for healing.

Always interested in the truth of things, she studied, traveled and attended numerous courses, retreats, experiencing some key transformational events in 1999. This is when her true spiritual nature became a clear reality to Carla, and she has built on that realization ever since.

Carla’s mission in life, apart from ending all previous cycles of suffering for herself, is to assist others to bravely enter that journey of self-healing, because, she says, the rewards can never be over-estimated. The most precious love in the world is the love of your own Soul, the love of your Very Heart, and that is not found outside of yourself. From that loving space, sexuality, self-esteem and self-sabotage can be healed. Only Love heals, so understanding what love is, is the first important step.

Carla speaks of the hesitations that come from the woundedness, which have created strong but wrong convictions. She knows what it is to be burdened with guilt, deepest shame, self-loathing and a closed heart. The struggle of that kind of living can be left behind. Our true, innocent, loving nature will assert itself given the chance.

Carla lives in Perth, Western Australia as an author, speaker and spiritual mentor, online writer and Activator of Ideas that Heal. Her aim is to realize a Thriving Center for Women and Men and to have God’s Callgirl the book made into God’s Callgirl the Movie as a Social Impact movie.  She has recently started to present journaling as a powerful tool for creating Essential Awareness.


A FREE e-COPY OF HER LATEST BOOK, HEALING FROM ABUSE, A PRACTICAL SPIRITUAL GUIDE. Requesting it by email will not automatically place listeners on a mailing list, but they can request that. To receive Carla’s free gift please email her at and let her know you heard her on Spiritwalkers.


Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is a second-wave Pleiadian and Spiritual Alchemist here to anchor the Christ Grid of Ascension.

She is also a renowned author, channel, a gifted medium, animal communicator and energy healer. Since 2010, she is also the founder of multiple 5thD ground-breaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the planet. These systems are responsible for releasing a huge range of physical and emotional ailments including all types of pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, addictions, allergies and much more. The Christed intergalactics channel light language during every Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM session, remove 4thD implants, etheric fears and much much more. She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces™ from Archangel Michael—the angel’s answer to Feng Shui–for creating abundance in our New Earth. She certifies practitioners in all of these modalities worldwide with practitioners currently in six countries.  

She has appeared alongside many of the world’s most accomplished speakers, healers, psychics and authors including Gregg Braden, Lisa Williams, Marianne Williamson. She is also the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology-astronomy system for the New Millennium from Archangel Michael since 2015. She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and her latest release THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing Wisdom from Archangel Michael. She also leads spiritual retreats and training workshops in the U.S. and soon in Tokyo.

You may follow Kelly on social media and visit and find classes through her latest membership site

Free Gift Archangel Michael Book of Animals

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Margaret Claire (Peggy) Jacobs


Now with Your Creation Vibration and The Messages of the Mothers. 

My journey has evolved over many years to bring me to this time as a UNIFIED Human/Spiritual Being using many methods of presenting God’s Unconditional LOVE as Channel, Healer, Toner and Messenger Guide for Spiritual Remembrance. I was brought up with very traditional beliefs of religion, family and of self-sacrifice.  I became a nurse, married and had 4 children. I was always aware of a sense of peace with Mother Mary but was never conscious of other gifts.

After several years of transitions in my personal life, I began searching for a new modality to enhance my nursing experience. In a very convoluted manor, I was guided to my channeling teacher of the past 30 years, a very different and life-changing occurrence.My initial resistance was changed when I experienced a sense of “coming home” and could channel immediately.  I also felt the strong connection of The Mothers, as a loving presence that enveloped me beyond description. They are a group of Light Beings of the Divine Feminine.

I continue to experience Heart Opening Love in their constant presence with me. They are a gift that is given to all that I work with to act as a bridge of God’s love manifested. Light Language appeared in my life through the Charismatic movement in the 70’s and   Toning came a few years after I stated with my channeling group.  Toning, Light Language and Channeling are powerful tools that have assisted me to move through these times of heart opening changes. I have been carried through many challenges by surrendering my way, and choosing trust, faith and love as a decision. I am always given whatever is for my greatest good. Despite the answer being no or not yet, I have learned again and again, something even greater appears

I have continued this journey with my Ascension Group into further reaches of Universal Energy Beings of Light. With others, I/We are co-creating our remembrance of Vibrational Heart Toning to be Ascension.

All those guided to me, find my unique ability to co-create with each one, the sustained Heart Vibrations that provides the container of love for self-empowerment and remembrance for their own path.I am grateful for all the continued adventures of my life and for all my family and friends who love and support me as Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Spiritual Beings on this journey of love.

Margaret Claire offers individual sessions in person or through phone, Skype, and Face Time. Groups can also be arranged.

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Welcome All to The Golden Cord Meditation

Margaret Claire has been gifted with this Golden Cord Meditation from The Mothers and all the Beings of Light. In this meditation, each one is gifted to integrate into the highest light, energy, and cellular vibration for Fifth Dimension that is possible on the planet Earth. This meditation is for about 20 minutes. 

Accompanied by Toning before and after the meditation,(opening you mouth to give sound with your voice and the intention to be connected to Creator vibration) enhances our ability to connect to that which is our Unity.


Golden Cord Meditation by Margaret Claire

Face Book: Margaret Claire Jacobs
Web Page:

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Julie Umpleby

Julie is a visionary, spiritual teacher, speaker, new energy worker and healer/therapist who is known to be a catalyst for spiritual growth and healing among the thousands of people she has worked with internationally.

Her training in this life incorporated a 20 year corporate management career in the petrochemical industry, together with a host of scientific/technical qualifications including a BSc in Life Sciences, studies in psychology and leadership training facilitation. Following an expansive spiritual awakening in 1998, her journey was then guided onto a multi-layered, multi-dimensional and experiential path that led to qualifications in various energy modalities, including Reiki, Colour Therapy, Antaneea Bodywork, and PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology). Her personal studies have extended into a huge array of diverse subjects incorporating Spaceweather, ancient history, sacred geometry, cosmic history and many more.

Julie’s soul purpose was realised in 2003 with the introduction to the Diamond Light Grid as a direct transmission from Divine Source. This powerful matrix of light, working with the sacred octahedral Geometry, Diamond Light energy and Diamond Light Codes is something that many around the world have been intuitively guided to work with over very recent years. This aspect of advanced consciousness is restructuring our energy bodies to support our growth and evolution at all levels, and restoring a natural harmony with cosmic information flows. Its time is now and its benefits are numerous. Working with and from within the Diamond field, brings  balance, support, stability, the ability to hold, process and transmit more light (literally),  immense depth of insight, and a greater connection with one’s Soul and life purpose. YOU are the diamond, an aspect of the divine fractal of Love desiring to be fully realised on this beautiful planet.

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Caroline Oceana Ryan

  Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channeler who has channeled information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood.

She currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of the Collective, a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, the Faery elders, Earth’s elementals, and other higher beings here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Caroline is the author of four books channeled from the Collective: The Ascension Manual – Parts One and Two, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth.
Their newest book Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship releases June 27, 2017.

Soul Alignment

Being Your Authentic Self

Most of us would love to know and be our true selves—to live out our true identity.

 But even when we ask to know our soul identity and Earth mission, the veil of the third dimension, though it is now dissolving, still seems to get in the way.
We may have small inner glimpses into our soul mission, our soul family and twin flame, our Galactic connections. We can ask to live from a place of soul power.

 But most days, we still feel separate from these, while wanting to deal with life’s challenges with the grace and power we know our souls possess


You can live from your soul’s power.

 You can manifest what you need, speak your truth, and be your

most authentic self.

It’s time to align with our souls by lifting our energies into a higher frequency.
To transform our life situation by expressing who we are at the highest level.
When we go into the soul planes and work with the energy of a situation, we can:

  • Revise the parts of our lives that feel stuck, with the help of higher beings who are able to heal situations at their vibrational center
  • Heal and lift up our smaller self, who doesn’t see our higher vision, and who fearfully holds us back
  • Lift and transmute the sting of old pain and trauma, absorbing the wisdom of those experiences while releasing the pain of them

 You can live as your higher self—a calm, confident Being guided by by higher Love, including self-Love
As powerful Light codes pour onto the Earth at increasing levels,
Now is the time to free and transform every area of your life by actively reclaiming your inherent soul abilities and past life abilities!
It is time to know and become your authentic self—your Higher Self!

Website: go here to view Carolines website



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Rebecca Davison

Rebecca Davison is an Intuitive Coach, a Conscious Thought Leader, International speaker, director of the Intuitive Life Academy and creator of the Money, Sex and Soul program.
After a marriage breakdown, a soul-crushing job and feeling like a total misfit, Rebecca claimed her intuitive gifts and starting using them to live an extraordinary life. Since then she has helped thousands of people shift their own energy to a higher vibration so they can experience more joy and happiness in their lives.
Her predominant psychic gifts are clairsentience and clairvoyance, intuitively seeing and feeling pain in her client’s bodies to then clear and transmute it. 

Her clients have experienced many miracles after working with her. One client falling pregnant after trying for 18 months, others working on their abundance blocks and manifesting lump sums of cash, improved health and energy levels, manifesting life partners and experiencing more purpose and fulfillment in their lives.

As the director of the Intuitive Life Academy she is passionate about people activating their innate ability to know what is best for them, as opposed to being told by others. Her greatest wish is that her clients are bold enough to choose to experience themselves as limitless.

Having worked in a bank for 13 years she assists people a lot with abundance blocks as a way to create greater intimacy with the Divine to understand that everything comes from Source Energy.

She works with Angels, Archangels, Guides and Ascended Masters and relies on  her intuition to guide her to what the person specifically needs in each session.

She lives next to the ocean in Christchurch, New Zealand. She experiences a huge amount of joy through seeing her clients in the energy of delight.

Please can reach me at

My website is

Facebook – or

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Debbie Boon

“Hello, I’m Debbie Boon. 
I practice QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique); Hands-on or Spiritual Healing; and I also do regular

Sound Baths with Gongs. From a very young age I can remember being sensitive to others’ moods, to the real meanings that lay beneath their words, and to the animal and plant kingdoms.  I also had a few incidents where I absolutely ‘knew’ something was going to occur, and it did. Premonitions happen every now and then in my life.  This sense that there was more to the world than what meets the eye led me to explore the worlds beyond our normal 5 senses.  I went to mediums, read a lot and joined a psychic development group, where I was told I was a Healer.  I was so intrigued by that idea but didn’t really know what it meant. I joined a Spiritualist Church One day we were asked to put our hands on people something really strange happened that just blew me away!  It felt like my whole body was rapidly swaying from side-to-side … not big swaying movements, just subtle ones.  I couldn’t believe it and didn’t really know what was going on. But I knew something was happening. The person beneath my hands said that I’d put my hands right on the spot where he needed healing. It was so exciting to me that I began practicing on family and friends and co-workers. The swaying became more pronounced. People noticed shifts within their minds and bodies, aches and pains would leave, and people felt ‘uplifted’. Sometimes I would get insights that I would share.

Gradually, over time, the swaying stopped and my hands began to move. To this day they still move, whenever I have the intention to help someone in need. They move to points all over the body, pressing, pushing gently and shifting. People have described it as being similar to Bowen, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu or even Chiropractic. To me it is a channeling of energy that doesn’t come from me at all.  I’m the conduit. It works on people, animals and plants. It even works on electrical systems sometimes!  Of course this type of healing can be done at a distance too.

My reading continued and I came across Dolores Cannon, the founder of QHHT. Her work so intrigued me that I just had to learn her method.  My chance came when she flew to Perth in 2010 I did level 1 with her then. A year later, after practicing on many willing volunteers, I did level 2 with her. It is fascinating work and highly effective and safe. She was amazing. My Sound Bath journey began at about the same time I studied QHHT. I was trained and subsequently worked at the Mt Romance Sandalwood Factory in their Sound Cone, playing the Gongs. When I sit in circle these days I do channeling of a slightly different kind. I don’t do this outside of circle and it’s not part of my work. I found that spirits who have been caught between worlds are attracted to me, needing help (even if they don’t realize it) to move on to where they’re meant to be.  They show me images of who they are, they move my head and limbs and hands, acting out something about themselves. It just requires the intention to help to allow them to move on in a way that is not scary for them. People come from way in the past (horse and carriage times) to the present. They can be old, middle-aged or very young. The youngest so far was a little girl who’d only just learnt to stand up. Every time her head moved (ie my head) I’d feel her whole body (ie my body) trying to maintain balance. It was the strangest feeling. We forget how it is to learn to walk! I find ‘channeling’ fascinating and very rewarding.

Today, whichever modality I use is always informed by at least one of the others. They meld together seamlessly and naturally. It is a privilege to do this work and I have a real passion to help when I can, always mindful that I’m not over-extending myself and have all my protections in place. I believe we all help each other and the world in our own unique ways. We each have gifts to discover and develop. They unfold the way they are meant to. 

I wish you joy along your continuing path of discovery and in your exploration of the wonderful multiverse we live in!

Warm regards
Debbie Boon”


Francesca Abbonizio

Francesca Abbonizio is the creator of The Rose Essences, 44 divinely  created Rose remedies for soul

ascension.  They carry the unconditional love vibration of the Rose as well as esoteric divine activations to create Heart and Crown alignment to the initiate who is ready.  The Rose Essences assist in clearing emotional blocks within the shadow self, ultimately providing a portal into ascension and attaining ascended mastery with living ones higher purpose.  The teachings of The Rose Essences have been channeled through to Francesca from childhood, and continue to be channeled from Ascended Lady Master Magda – Mary Magdalene, and Ascended Master Lord Sananda – Jesus Christ.  Their message is:  The way to ascension is through the center point of the Tree of Life, let us guide you through the Heart – the gateway to the higher dimensions.   

 Francesca comes from a lineage of Shamanic healers, receiving her first initiations at 7 years old from her grandmother in Abruzzo Italy and re-initiated as an adult by her teachers in Perth Western Australia.  Her grandmother taught her the secret teachings of the ancient ones which included the ancient art of Alchemy and the teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools which were brought forward in 2012 in Cairo whilst performing planetary activations with fellow light workers at The Great Pyramid. 

Francesca has devoted the past 20 years to working with her love of healing modalities including, Magnified Healing, Reiki, Counseling and Past Life work that evolved into working with QHHT after receiving teachings from the late Dolores Cannon in 2012.

Francesca is also a devoted mother to her 12 year old son and a community worker volunteering in various projects including enhancing the lives of Indigenous people worldwide.  She lives in Perth Western Australia with her assortment of plants, spirit beings and beloved elementals.

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Sandra Arundale

Sandra conducts Past Life Regressions after being trained by Dolores Cannon. She also is Clairvoyant and Clairsentient and receives clear guidance from her Higher Self for both herself and her clients. Below is a short story of Sandra’s journey that many of you will connect with. 

At the age of 10, one day lunch time, as I opened my lunch box, a screen, the size of a mobile phone, appeared about 45cm in front of me.  On it, in black and white, was an image of the inside of my home looking and feeling so empty and stark. With this, a knowing that my mother had left that day and would never be back. From then on I began to be aware of a presence above me and I developed a deep sense of knowing and began to have clairvoyant and clairsentient moments and I would also receive guidance.

In my early twenties I learnt that others referred to it as the ‘Higher Self, the I AM Presence’. One of the first things I noticed about this new friend, as I thought of it at the time, was when I held a question in mind, it would answer in the form of an ah ha, very succinct, realization. I was able to help others by receiving guidance when they told me their problems and I used this skill when I worked as an aromatherapy/ acupressure/massage therapist for around 15years. In the 12th year, there was a moment when I was standing at the calf muscle of a sleeping client, feeling utterly spent and thinking, ‘if I got into a hammock now and did not leave it for 2 years, I’d still feel as tired as I do this moment’,my musing was interrupted by the word ‘soooon’. ‘When?’ I asked. ‘In 3 years time’ it says.

By the time those three years had passed, I’d forgotten about the ‘soooon’ moment and all that meant. Until I read in Dolores most recently published book of that time, that a new voice, she referred to as the subconscious, had started to speak through her clients a couple of years before. That she was now teaching how to connect to it to access information and healing through the client. Immediately I looked up her website to see when she might be coming to Sydney, Australia. It was in three weeks time and there was a space for me.  

Soon after that life altering weekend, I announced to my clients that I was changing how I worked. That I would no longer be the one providing answers for them. Instead, the answers and the healing changes would now be coming through them from their higher self via a hypnotic state. Now nine years on and thousands of past life regression sessions later, much has changed. Years of each client having regular sessions, myself included, have resulted in us being ‘slowwwly for permanency’ cleaned out of a lot this life and beyond stopping and blocking energies, as the higher self refers to the trauma memories, limiting beliefs, fears, social conditioning both inherited and our own, that our bodies store.   With the bulk of these heavy energies gone, when I ask the higher self of a client a question now, I receive an informative answer.  Yehhh and amen to that!!!  Each client is now much more trusting of their own inner knowing, their connection with their higher self.  They are indescribably lighter, brighter, calmer, more relaxed, joyful, positive, present and confident in their way of being now.  It is becoming natural, normal for each to focus on what they are enjoying in each moment.  Savoring that, rather than what is disappointing them.  To have minds full of cheery thoughts rather than concerns.  As a result, I regularly hear how glad each of them is that they took what we now think of as the ever increasing ease and joy path with me.

Phone in Australia: 02 9838 7618


Amma Sophia Rose

Amma Sophia is a High Priestess of Sonic Alchemy, Sound and Vibration. The gift of her voice was given to her by direct transmission from the Beloved Sophia. Never having the ability to sing before it was a true

miracle when the intonations of the Dove, Shekina Sophia came through her on Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ. She is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records and specializes in Sonic Rose Alchemy, Soul Essence Readings and Akashic Clearing. Her psychic abilities are astounding. She embraces her shamanic nature integrating the shadow and the light. She is a true alchemist and has a gift for piercing through the veil of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation allow her to share as a divine conduit of universal love.

Her journey of initiation began at age 30 when she followed her spirit to sacred sites around the Earth. With trust of her intuition and faith in the universe, she was lead to Master Teachers, Sacred Sites, Mystics, and Healers around the world, who activated the many gifts she has incorporated into her offerings of love. These experiences in conjunction with the soul activations of Mother Earth, awakened the inner Goddess to reveal Amma Sophia’s soul’s calling. It was through the process of self-love and self-acceptance she was able to claim the lifetimes of soul memory and stand in the “I AM “presence” of her life’s purpose as a Sonic Alchemist. Living in Sacred sites such as Bali, Kauai HI and Sedona AZ, for the last 12 years has been on a journey of daily devotion, study and service. Amma Sophia recognizes you are a Master in your own right. She will hold you in this light of awareness until you can feel it and believe in yourself. Each Master Teacher she encountered was a reflection of this truth with in her. She Shares the lineage of the Codes of Light Transmissions to activate and awaken the hearts and minds of humanity to work in unity to bring peace, love and light to our planet.

You can connect with Amma Sophia Rose through her website here

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Chey Bodhi

Visionary – Catalyst – Hypnotherapist – Healer – Author

“I AM” Hypnotherapy

It is said we teach what we most need to learn and that could not be truer in my case. I grew up in a very traumatic environment where despite having siblings, it was every person for themselves. I learned at a very young age how to become what others wanted me to be and to be invisible, although this didn’t save me. As it would for any person, this had a massive impact physically, mentally and emotionally on me.

In my teenage years, I put my passion on hold and fell into another field of work to make enough money to escape the terror of home life. I quickly rose to the top of the corporate world and over the years the ever-increasing workload, relationship breakdowns and frustration of being everything, and everyone but myself, really started to take its toll on me leading to a complete breakdown.

As someone who was always the strong and resilient one, this inability to control my emotions terrified me. I sought advice from doctors who just prescribed medication. Telling me if you medicate you will get better and be able to move on with your life. The drugs definitely made a difference, although I soon realized they were not helping me heal, they were killing me, slowly strangling every emotion out of my life and leaving me a shell of my former self.

Over the next 2 decades I relentlessly soul searched, studied and applied countless teachings and modalities, realizing that lasting results were only ever achieved through discovering and accepting who I truly was at the deepest level. Releasing everything that I wasn’t in every cell of my being. Taking responsibility for my own healing and finally accepting my own passion and purpose.

This is how “I AM” Hypnotherapy was born.

Understanding the pressures women are under in today’s world, I have focused solely on creating a safe place for women to re-connect with their “I AM” and release all of the programming and patterns they aren’t.

The processes I use are gentle and leaves you feeling connected to your Higher Self, which will continue to integrate and heal long after our session.

As women, it’s in our nature to be the nurturer, the rock that our families can always count on. We put everyone we love and care about first and the cost of doing it all, can seriously impact our health, harmony and happiness.

When we are the best version of ourselves, this is when we can give the most to those we love. We can’t pour from an empty vessel! When was the last time you took a little time for yourself to ensure your vessel is full? Let me help, you deserve it!




Doris Do

Past Life Regression

All my life I have been feeling people’s energy and pain which I have recently learned that is the result of being an

empath.  I have always been interested in talking with people and helping them face-to-face, which was one of the reason I became a pharmacist.  I was hoping to be able to assist people in achieving better health and wellbeing.  However this work left me feeling very frustrated and disappointed as I could see that pharmaceutical medications do not offer solutions to people’s health problems.  Being a pharmacist also gave me an inside-view of the limitations of the western medical system.  Therefore 20 years ago I began to explore alternative fields of therapy such as Naturopathy & Chinese medicine.  These studies gave me further insights into how our bodies function and sparked a new interest in me, as I had barely been exposed to the mind and energetic aspects of human biology.  This led me to dive into energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Angel Intuitive, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) with Dolores Cannon and Generational Healing with Deborah Skye King.

My current practice consists of QHHT and Generational Healing work through one-on-one session with the client.  My passion is to help people in whatever way possible so that they can connect to their true self and remember who we truly are and live powerfully in alignment with their soul purpose

Phone: 0402 785 385 Australia


Marian Cameron

Marian is a highly regarded professional and passionate Hypnotherapist currently based in Perth Western Australia.   She first came across Past Life Regression when pioneer Dolores Cannon brought her method down-under over 10 years ago and has since experienced the most extraordinary and mind-opening sessions using it.  

For many years, Marian has sought out many forms of Hypnosis / Ancient Healing Arts – and when asked the greatest of teachings – Marian attributes it to her challenged childhood for igniting a survival mind-set to a knowing and connecting beyond.   This is confirmed back within the flow of past life regression sessions – where sought healing and information brought through the higher self are as bonded together as holding hands.

Hypnotherapy is a phenomenal gift that Marian shares in a lyrical fashion –  engaging you into the conscious awareness of your loving magnificence, healing and knowledge accessible with the higher self and beyond.   This is the beautiful bridge and gift of QHHT™ –  we Thank You Dolores Cannon

Marian works professionally full time reliving her passion daily having helped hundreds with Hypnotherapy and QHHT™. 

Marian Cameron
Clinical Hypnotherapist AHA Dip. Clin. Hyp
P: (08) 9300 3073   M:
0413 367 099

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Deborah Collings (Debs)

“Integrate Your Life” 

Gain Direct Access to Your Higher Self and Team Beyond 

It Is Time!

Deborah Collings (Debs) is passionate about guiding sensitive, awakening Souls to a new level of clarity and freedom. Having integrated her own “Higher Self Aspect” she has a close working relationship with herself and her Team, beyond the Veil.

Whilst in Hawaii, December 2012, Debs experienced downloads/activations that are important for this time in our human evolution.  These activations formed into what is now known as her “Integrate Your Life” (IYL) processAt this time we are being offered support that can “fast track” our path, in ways that have never been possible before.

Debs “Integrate Your Life” (IYL) process offers a “quickener” of sorts, on the path to integration and “Embodied Enlightenment”. She is aware she embodies KEYS and CODES for others which activate effortlessly, when she is with someone.

Einstein’s famous quote- “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, always rang LOUD for Debs. It was not until she accessed “higher vibrational fields” within herself, that she was able to create lasting change in her life.   

Debs lives what she refers to, as an “Integrated Life”, a happy human with seamless access to her “multi-dimensional aspects” beyond Earth.   She shares what she knows to be true as a living breathing example.

What you become is your “offering to the world”. Sharing that which you are, enables you to “be the change you wish to see”.  That is our MAIN purpose on Earth at this time.   Holding space for others with a like desire is purposeful.

Debs is also a long term facilitator of the late Dolores Cannon’s wonderful QHHT process. She is a Conscious Parent to an AWAKENED Diamond Starseed Child.

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Gabriel Magdalene Weber

Gabriele is a Channel, Healer/Therapist, Teacher, Speaker and Intuitive Coach.

Gabriele is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. She brings messages from her various Collectives, Masters and spirit guides to help individuals connect to their purpose and step into their own power and potential. She is multi-talented in her healing abilities as she channels various healing frequencies for individuals and groups.

Gabriele has been intuitive as a child and she began to see auras at the age of 14 but she didn’t work with the energy right away. Her intuitive gifts blossomed through the years. She continued with her schooling receiving degrees in Psychology and Holistic Health.  Even as a child she felt that her purpose was “to help others on their journey.” She worked as a counselor for youth.  She felt she needed to help people though in a more inclusive way so she began a deeper journey into the metaphysical arena. 

After experiencing a shift of spiritual awakening from a traumatic car accident she went to the other side. Gabriele went “through a tunnel of light” and told the angels that she needed to go “back to earth”. After this journey of the accident Gabriele’s healing abilities and intuition increased in a major way. She was guided by Mother Mary who appeared to her at the time of the accident. Mother Mary told her that she was here to help guide others on their purpose and to help heal their wounds and awaken them. Mother Mary is one of Gabriele’s guides as are Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Gabriel, the Genesis Collective, the Ancient Ones and many others. From then onward Gabriele began to channel and heal others for their highest good.

Gabriele has developed some of her own techniques of healing. She can use a combination of her channeling abilities and her healing modalities. In her channeling and healings as she brings in her guides they can give her visions or stories in helping guide you in the “Story of your Life”.   She might receive colors, symbols and codes for your “Awakening to your truest Self.” 

Gabriele does various healing activations. Some of them are: Genesis codes, Diamond Light Codes, Dolphin codes, Mary Magdalene Codes, Mother Mary Codes of Healing, Goddess Codes, Excalibur Codes, Fairy Light codes, Rainbow codes, Unicorn codes and others. With her special gifts, she can help you awaken the Sleeping Beauty of your being.

She also does events, lectures, workshops, webinars and groups. She does private sessions also. You can contact her at

Free Gift

A free gift will be given as a mp3 audio file on “Activating the Pineal gland and Crown Chakra.” This gift will be a verbal healing frequency encoded meditation on opening the Intuitive gifts and activating a “Specific Golden Frequency Wave of the Great Central Sun that can activate the deeper awareness of one’s Akashic Records. Peace and Joy can manifest more easily. Creative ideas can activate in some and just bubble to the surface.


Gabriele has made me see all the beauty deep within myself. She made me see that I can change my whole life for the better if I choose to get rid of my Ego and walk through the fire. She got me over my fears in public speaking, guilt from my childhood, and other past and present life live traumas. I had no idea a human being could be so selfless and giving unconditional love than what I found in Gabriele Weber.”
Michael F. –  Philadelphia, PA

“Gabi has changed my life in huge ways. She got rid of my stage fright for performing. She has helped me let go of a lot of fears and anxiety I once had. She has made me an even stronger Reiki healer. She has made the biggest impact in my life and I thank God, every day for bringing her into my life. Anyone that has a chance to work with Gabi is extremely blessed.”
Dani – New York

“Gabriele appeared at a very dark period in my life. A time when I was questioning my value as a mom as well as a person. I have never met anyone as intuitive, selfless, warm or caring. Gabi used healing modalities to transport energy to help open my heart chakra and bring all the love and joy back. My intuition is crystal clear and this gift has helped my journey become that much sweeter. My family members have been completely transformed by going to sessions for help. She intuitively knew my dad not only had a kidney stone before my dad had any pain. She also knew my dad needed to get a second opinion on the doctor he chose. Gabi saved my dad from losing his left kidney. I have passed her business cards to people I think need her. I have received e-mails with such gratitude for connecting them to her. Gabriele is the most powerful healer I have ever met. There are no words to express how much she means to us. Have you ever met an intuitive nutritionist? What a gift!”
Lori F. – Pennsylvania

 After two severe car accidents and multiple surgeries, physical and emotional therapies, I was left with, severe depression, chronic pain and fatigue that the doctors had no answers or anything to offer. I had given up on any type of normal functioning life and actually life in general. I started to work with Gabriele and not only found hope but relief in my chronic pain and fatigue and am able to enjoy the life I am meant to have and the energy to follow my dreams and live again!
Julia La Rocco – Pennsylvania

Through her channeling-intuitive abilities, Gabriele guides people through the troubles of their lives, and their conscious/subconscious/super conscious minds are explored. Working with my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, Gabriele has helped me with past life and present traumas, guilt, pain and suffering. The Guides and Angels work with Gabriele to clear blockages and allow healing. I always leave a session with Gabriele feeling whole, refreshed, mentally strong, and pain is eased in trouble areas. I also leave with a mantra and areas to work on with positive thinking until my next appointment. I have seen people’s troubles eased from Gabriele’s guidance and healing. With her vibrational healing, it can also potentially have physical healing.
Patty V. – PA



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