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Package consists of an Akashic Soul Path Healing with the Angels within the infinite illumination of the Akasha, plus a download of my newest Soul Song.


“Call to Our Cosmic Brothers” is a channeled Soul Song which creates a stirring and activation within to awaken and step into the role that was meant for you in this life stream. To bring forward the memories of our true essence and nature of being as an elevated and illuminated being of light within a physical form.


An Akashic Portal is opened with your permission utilizing a powerful prayer invocation given expressly for this purpose, which illuminates all aspects of your life both physical and nonphysical — past, present, future, material, immaterial. Working through Higher Self and a profound connection with the Divine, Vox Angelus works alongside the Angels to provide healing in any context throughout all time, space, place, and dimension, relative to your present life journey.

Each session includes an Akashic Record review and illumination of key reference points, energetic healing and alchemy work with the Angels, and prescriptive Celestial Soul Song transmissions sung and spoken to you in the Language of the Elohim, containing encoded light, frequency, and information for healing and transformation on a cellular, energetic, and soul level.

Your session may include 1) Teachings, tools, resources, and solutions to life challenges and transitions, 2) Opening, clearing and balancing of your energy centers (Chakras) 3) Healing of old wounds, release of negative patterns, influences, and beliefs, and 4) Release of attachments/ties/cords/contracts with the past and present creating openings for new opportunities, thought processes, and actions. You receive exactly what is needed in the moment to take the next step in your life!

Clients often experience spontaneous and palpable shifts including elevated states of consciousness, visions, physical and emotional healing, connection with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released and blocked energy begins to flow, and feel an encompassing feeling of love and wellbeing.


Special Offer Now $150

Please note and email will be sent to Vox Angelus after purchase and she will contact you for your reading.



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