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Season 4 has been postponed until next year as I have for several months been busy caring for elderly relatives as they prepare to transition.

I am looking forward 2019, to sharing and engaging with our Guest Speakers and Listeners.

This is a year of change and upheaval for many including myself. My Higher Self Team have said

“Just as a storm washes away all mud and grime, so too does upheaval clear the air for a fresh new beginning. Tomorrow is a new day. Open the doors and windows and allow the fresh crisp air to blow out old musty and stale air. The storm clears all and a new beginning is on the horizon. Welcome the dawn with joy and an open heart. Let go of all that no longer works for you and discard all you no longer need. Allow new to replace the old and changes will occur to benefit you in positive ways”.


Please check our website for updates on Guest Speakers and dates for each Teleseminar for Season 4 beginning 2019

We have a host of amazing dedicated speakers who are leaders in their field, who will guide, assist and teach you steps to help you progress along your individual and collective path to Ascension.


‘It’s time to remember who you are’


Message from my Higher Self Team
“It is imperative that you all move forward into the space of knowing who you are so you can fully step into the Divine Beings that you are and let your beautiful Light shine”.



We are all here to release the shackles that bind us to the 3rd dimension.


As you listen to and engage with the Spiritwalkers teleseminar you will learn about your energetic bodies, chakras and metaphysical senses. Your vibration, frequency and dimensions. You will learn how to delve deeply inside your heart space where you can connect to your Higher Self; how to ground into Gaia daily; how to know and release the blockages which prevent you from moving forward. You will learn how to release poverty consciousness and financial blocks; how to acknowledge the limiting beliefs which are the basis for our current 3rd dimensional human existence so we can truly release them. You will learn how to manifest abundance and attract love into your life. You will learn about your Matrix and Blueprint, the Akashic Records, the Galactic and the Spiritual Realms, your Guides, Ascension Team, Soul Mates, Higher Self, Elementals and much more.


I welcome you all as we journey together on this path of self discovery. As we hold the intent to raise our vibration and the vibration of the planet. Allowing and letting go.



Below are some charities I support and in service to Gaia and our native wildlife I will donate 10% of all profits made throughout each season’s teleseminar to one of the charities below each month.

AMCS The Australian Marine Conservation Society

AWC Australian Wildlife Conservancy

ACF Australian Conservation Foundation

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