About Cathrine

Hello!  I am Cathrine Tygon

I like many of you volunteered to be here on earth at this time to assist in the Ascension of Gaia by raising my own frequency and that of others and our planet.

My spiritual journey began, just like everyone else, before birth with my Divine Assignment. We just don’t usually remember this. As I look back over my childhood I remember seeing my guides floating in the corners of my room when I was just two to three years old but unfortunately my parents mistakenly told me they were not real and I was dreaming. Though I told these beings to go because they were not real, I knew there was something wrong because even at this young age I knew I was not dreaming, I was fully awake and able to see and speak with them. But they honored my wishes and after telling me they would always be with me they vanished from my sight.

By the time I was 8 years old during an unhappy childhood I knew I didn’t belong here and one day I walked out to the front yard looked up in the sky and begged them to take me back. I told them I didn’t belong here, that these people were not my family, that they had dropped me down here in the wrong era. I said “I don’t like humans, there’s no love”. But I didn’t get a response and I felt abandoned. Whenever I felt despair that I was still here I would think of Gaia, acknowledge how beautiful the earth is, feel her pain and tell her I loved her and knew I had promised to help her.

As I grew up I always felt different and didn’t enjoy past times and activities that most of my friends participated in. By 15 years I decided to be a vegetarian and in my early 20’s I began following a Macrobiotic lifestyle and diet.I studied Yoga and Shiatsu, only went to alternative healers like acupuncturists and Reiki practitioners when needed and read up on Eastern philosophy, Tarot, Astrology and other modalities. I searched for “God” by looking into various religions but knew that religion was created by man. I always believed in life after death and had many encounters with deceased loved ones. When I encountered challenges in my life I found myself praying to deceased relatives and various spiritual prophets and my prayers were always answered. I have experienced prophetic dreams and have been given answers and guidance during the dream state. I eventually was guided back to believe in angels and fairies and since communicating with them again my life has been a journey of awakening.

While at University I studied Egyptology and around that time I experienced several interesting past lives. I studied Past Life Regression with Dolores Cannon and have been practicing for several years now. I have spent the last several years listening to and participating in a variety of spiritually based teleseminars. I have followed along doing the activations and meditations and purchased many speakers packages. Through doing this my life has changed dramatically and I am now moving forward continually releasing outdated paradigms, beliefs and blockages which held me back from realizing my true self as this is an ongoing process. I am now in communication with my Higher Self and Guides and have been made aware of my specific Divine Life Purpose. Through this connection with Spirit I have been guided to write a book about my life and experiences to help others going through a similar awakening. Spirit gave me the title for my book and also the title for this website and business. I know that I am now, in this present moment, venturing forward on my Divine Life Purpose. I know I am here to help others know and understand who they truly are. I have been guided to offer you assistance to raise your awareness and connect with your Higher Self and Guides and I couldn’t be more filled with joy and happiness to be able to share this journey with you.

On my quest for Spiritual Awakening I have been following Spiritual based teleseminars for several years and most of the speakers who are participating in Spiritwalkers are those who I have listened to and learnt from and I know that I was Divinely guided to them for my personal healing.

So I wish you every success on your personal journey and I hope that I and the Spiritwalkers Guest Speakers are able to offer you all the help you need to move forward on your path to Ascension.

Love and Light