Activation to help you release

Me: Dear Council of Light and Ascension Team would you provide me with an activation for my guests on Spiritwalkers?

Message: Beloved Cathrine. We are gathered together around the core of Gaia to give thanks and praise that you have taken this monumental step and moved forward in Light and Love on this Divine path. Know we are with you throughout each and every step on this journey. Blessed are those who step beyond the bounds of the tried and familiar and step beyond what appears to be safe to move forward in truth and trust in Us, the Divine to guide you out of this mire and to assist you to step fully onto your path and Divine plan.

Let us begin this Activation.
Sit in Stillness and Peace…. Take a deep breath and just relax…… Let go of all needless worries and concerns and know in the fullness of your heart that We are right here beside you.

When you feel the dark closing in and believe you have lost your way, you need only breath into Peace and still your heart and mind and we can connect more fully. At times such as these, remind yourself of what it is your heart truly desires and know that We are working tirelessly to bring this into fruition for you.

When you look up at the sky whether sun or stars, know this is just a dream. One which you chose to experience. Take a deep breath and bring a smile to your face because this feeling of darkness is a lesson and an opportunity for you to acknowledge it for what it is and say to yourself.

“Thank you for this most important lesson.
I now know and understand that these feelings have kept me stuck in story and density.
I now acknowledge the important role this has played in my awakening.
I now choose to completely let go with Love and Gratitude for this experience.
I now choose to no longer hold on to this darkness.
I release and let go for all of humanity and Gaia, so we can all raise our vibration in Love and Light.
I choose now to transmute all feelings of dark and density in the Violet Flame and move forward with a heart filled with joy and gratitude”.

In Love and Light Dear Ones
The Council of Light