Activation to remove blockages

I asked my Higher Self Team if they could provide me with an activation to remove all blockages that were preventing me from fully Allowing, Accepting and Receiving.

Message: Yes Dearest Cathrine.

Sit back and allow our message to pour forth.

Just relax and center yourself. Bring all of the awareness of self into the space of your heart. Take a deep breath in and out. Release all worries and cares. Nothing can bother you for the next moments of your existence as we bring forward this frequency which will help to shift your awareness out of the lower vibration of feeling and believing you are stuck and blocked.

Just allow these moments of Divine Activations to penetrate your being as we reassemble your molecules so you are receptive to this high vibration and frequency. And to help you to stay fully grounded in this higher vibration.

Light is pouring into your being as you read or listen to this activation as we are working on your soul level. All energetic bodies and your blueprint are being restructured as you take in this higher form of Light.

Breath deeply and stay centered while this activation occurs. You will be required to drink copious amounts of water to replace the lower vibration fluid with positively structured water.

Take a glass of water and sit quietly. Look into the water with love and say..
“I Love you”
“I Allow Fully”
“I Accept Completely”
“I receive with Gratitude”

Feel real joy when you express these words and open your heart to the truth of the depth of this expression. You can say these words several times as you look into the water. This will structure the water into Love, Allowing, Acceptance and Receiving. Then drink this glass of water with the deepest gratitude. Do this with each drop of water you drink, cook with and as you wash your body and remember to be joyously grateful.

This taking in of highly structured water and this advanced activation will help you stay anchored in the higher frequency of Love, Allowing, Acceptance and Gratitude. All beliefs of non allowance, non acceptance and being closed to receiving is a lower vibration and is not real. It is a false belief aimed at keeping you in the dark.

Follow the above activation and move out of this lower frequency. The time is Now to step more fully into the Light and awaken to your True Divine gifts so you can serve humanity in your unique way.

In love and Light

Your Higher Self Team Zedora.