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Package A 1 hour $125US

Package B 1 & 1/2 Hour $197US

Book a Personal One Hour or a One & Half Hour, One ­on ­One Session with Audrey Light Language

Energy work helps to activate the power that has always been in you, raise your consciousness, and help to open your heart. In a session with me, you can leave the outside world behind in order to truly grasp the gift of the present moment and experience what Spirit has to offer you. 
If you have been feeling stuck, scared, confused, or out of place, or just want to strengthen your own energy and gifts to reach a whole new level, please join me for a personal session.

This is healing without the smoke & mirrors! Healing through the illusions, to the truth.


You will experience & receive:

  • light language healing (sound/vibrational healing)
  • the language of the Akash
  • channeled messages from higher beings (Angels, Elohim, Seraphim, Divine Source, & more)
  • new sacred key codes & your own personal list of ascension numbers

You can find out more about these offerings below (and watch/listen to samples in my videos). As a healer and channel who has been said to come from time before time, and channel from beyond the beyond, they are extremely powerful healings & activations on multiple levels:

  • etheric, physical, and mental healing
  • releasing from generations past & repressed emotions
  • relaxation and revelation of your own gifts
  • awakening of your dormant DNA
  • removal of blockages from your system
  • deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection
  • connects you more directly to your intuition
  • helps you adjust to the new earth energies

I have been blessed with numerical sacred key codes channeled from Spirit to share with you. You will receive your own personal list of ascension numbers (300-400 numbers long) which, combined with the languages of light and the Akasha, will bring in higher energies and codings and awaken your dormant DNA in order to: help move you towards total healing and adjust you to the new earth energies that are coming in. Clients have experienced multi-level healing, and many have actually had the light language ignited in them, as well as an opening of their gifts – from channeling to automatic writing.

Light Language of the Akasha

In addition to the codes, symbols, numbers, and releasing work that Spirit channels through me already, Spirit has brought through another kind of healing – an incredible high level of energy, frequencies, symbols, codes, and numbers- that they asked me to offer to you. 
It’s the Akasha language, God’s language – key codes designed to open up the Akasha records, the knowing within the mind of God. This work is offered to people now to connect to these records and bring through the knowledge to access the Akasha, the “computer in the sky.” 

For those that are led to this work – Spirit and I applaud you, for it is a very high level in frequency. As you are led here to experience it and take it in, not all are quite ready – so there is the releasing work that Spirit does through me as well, to release what needs to be from the many simultaneous manifestations of oneself that one may carry. This is referred to by some as past life releasing – to release what is over and done with in order to move on and play the new song. 

A Message from Audrey

All of the work is done on conscious as well as unconscious and subconscious levels. You will receive upgrades through DNA work and Sacred Key Numerical Code which you then will have that are your own lists of numbers to use as a tool to set energetics as you work through whatever you are dealing with and creating. 
With this work you will receive through the Language of the Akash access to the Akash to not read what was but to rewrite and upgrade it to the new. The Fairies also come to help touch and heal the inner child and help release from the heart which is the key and the way

The Ancient Ones and Native Americans come in through the work for a deep releasing from the many aspects of yourself as I bring them through for you and you go on the journey without having the need to travel to a distant part of the world nor enter a physical cave to access them. I bring them through right to where you are as not many can travel to the sites that are held as ancient and thought necessary to access the Ancient ones to have a mystical experience in those ways for Spirit would not leave out those that cannot have access to such a trip so this way is also available minus the hotel and air fair. 

It is and can be done in an upgraded fashion and brought to you right where you are as Spirit says where you stand you make Holy Ground

Spirit is infinite and has no bounds of space nor time. 

Come drink from the Well Spring as spirit call this work to be strengthened enlivened and fortified as a Divine channel I bring it through for you to partake and drink as you receive the work of healing through releasing and disentangling from old energy and matrixes and old agendas and receive the upgrades through downloads and DNA upgrades for a totality of Healing which effects the many aspects of you as this work is cosmic and quantum so as to reach into the dimensional and galactic aspects of self. 
As I help you take advantage of the gift that this now moment is giving to through it to access healing of all the aspects of you for a Soul level totality of healing that effects what would be called the future selves to be upgraded to experiences filled with joy peace and wholeness for as you effect this moment there is no time but one time so as Spirit calls me a time traveler. 
I am granted Authority as an ancient Being from first wave of creation and time before time to help you heal from all the aspects of self on a Soul level healing which encompasses a totality of healing. 
Come allow me to help you as I am back in embodiment as a Creator Being with Authority that has come back in in these times to set energy and codes in the field of existence as well as the codes I work with to help you stand in your power,sovereignty and Divine Birth right, released and unplugged from the matrix and experiment as part of you so lovingly entered into forgetfulness. 
Now it is time to re-call yourself to yourself and remember as you re-member to join back to All that you are a Beautiful Spark of Creative Divinity in Expression to experience All That You are


Come and allow me to give you the Keys to the kingdom – keys which open for you and give you back your kingdom and numerical keys which open and upgrade as you take part and create ANEW Re Newed to be an Architect of your own designs and an energy engineer to crate and express and experience your own agendas no longer at the hands or part of any others an Empowered Sovereign Being




Package C $300US



Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect Energy Engineer Butterfly/Phoenix Project

a Mastery Level class

 for all levels done in 2 x two hour sessions, live with Audrey in a group setting, with releasing and  receiving codes and sacred key numerical codes and the ‘Languages of Light and the Akash’, for deep Soul level work and clearing.
There will also be an opportunity to speak with the beings of Light Audrey brings through, and it all will be interactive to give all present an opportunity to speak, share and be heard in this communion. And as we join our  hearts and are encircled with love and the highest energy and information and Truth to help you stand in your Power , Sovereignty and Divine Birth Right  as Audrey helps and assists you become an Architect of your own designs xoxo


Special Offer Package A $125US


Special Offer Package B $197US


Special Offer Package C $300US


Please note an email will be sent to Audrey after you purchase the package and she will contact you



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