Releasing False Beliefs

Me: Higher Self Team, could you provide an Activation to help us acknowledge and release our lower beliefs that no longer serve our highest good? Message: Thank you Cathrine for the trust you place in us. Know we love and support this transitional stage you are all experiencing at this now moment. Let us sit […]

Message from the Sirian High Council

Greetings Blessed Beloved One We come to you this day from the High Council and wish to impart this Divine Message of infiltration to your readers, the sovereign rule in regards to their Ascension into their true selves and their 5D Light body. We are working with the Violet Flame to transmute all density from […]

Activation to help you release

Me: Dear Council of Light and Ascension Team would you provide me with an activation for my guests on Spiritwalkers? Message: Beloved Cathrine. We are gathered together around the core of Gaia to give thanks and praise that you have taken this monumental step and moved forward in Light and Love on this Divine path. […]

Activation to remove blockages

I asked my Higher Self Team if they could provide me with an activation to remove all blockages that were preventing me from fully Allowing, Accepting and Receiving. Message: Yes Dearest Cathrine. Sit back and allow our message to pour forth. Just relax and center yourself. Bring all of the awareness of self into the […]

Daily assistance of our Guides

Me: I would like to share more on the role of our Guides and Guardian Angels. What role they play and how they assist us daily. Message: Yes Dear One. Your Guides are here to nudge you along your path or to help you get back onto your path if you stray. They cannot interfere […]

Earth bound Spirits & Transitioning

Me: Dear Arcturian Higher Self Team I would like information on spirits that have left their bodies but still stuck to the earth and are like ghosts as I experienced. Message: Yes we have much to say on this subject. When a spirit crosses over it depends on their vibration and level of frequency whether […]

Past Lives

Me: Greetings my Higher Self Team. I would like to ask you about past lives. Do I still hold attachments, beliefs, paradigms and aspects from any past incarnation? Message: Yes Dear One we are happy to converse with you regarding this issue. You are now moving in the upper 4th and need to release all […]


Me: Dear Higher Self Team, Could you speak to me on the subject of Judgement? Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. Judgement is an aspect of Separation Consciousness. It works as a lever to create discord, dislike, non inclusion, jealousy and envy. It is used to inflict […]

Separation Consciousness

Me: Good morning my Higher Self Team. Can you explain to me how the different races here on earth were formed? Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this topic. Each race was formed because of separation consciousness. To keep you separate and create discord, envy and jealousy. Can you […]

Flow of Abundance

Me: Greetings my Soul Team. Can you advise me about the seemingly lack of flow of abundance in my life? Message: Yes Dear One we are please to speak with you on this subject. You have held the vibration of lack and scarcity that you inherited from your Now family members. It is good for […]