Caroline Oceana Ryan

Special Offer

Soul Based Manifesting

Connecting With Your Soul’s Ability to Create Abundance

 As part of this package you will receive

1: A 30-Minute Phone or Skype Session with the Collective
A Coupon – a 50% Discount on an Individual Channeling Session with the Collective

3: The Complete Abundance Series MP3s – Seven guided meditations with healing frequencies that lift your vibration to actively claiming and creating the Abundance you came here to experience. 
4: Revising Your Life Blueprint MP3 guided meditation – The process for revising the life chart you wrote before incarnating, so you can move from struggle to fulfillment.
5: Empowered Abundance Prayer Daily Declaration/Affirmation – MP3 recording and PDF

 Bonus Gifts:

  • MP3 recording of the second Abundance Group conference call—an interactive class on creating true wealth and Abundance
  • Three Chapters from their soon to be released book Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship
  • Three Chapters from the Collective’s Amazon bestseller Abundance for All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth

Special Offer Package:

Soul Based Manifesting

Connecting With Your Soul’s Ability to Create Abundance

Item 1: A 30-Minute Session with the Collective

($110 Value)

This live 30-minute call with the Collective, via a free conference call line (special call-in numbers or SKYPE for those outside the US).

Ask questions on any issue you would like the Collective ‘s higher wisdom, intuitive insight, and higher energies on—the insights of these wise beings will lift your perspective and understanding to a higher level.

In every session, the Collective incorporate messages and information from your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self.

Sessions can cover areas such as:

  • Family and other relationships
  • Health and wellbeing, including diet and addictions.
  • Work and life purpose
  • Higher wisdom on any issues that are troubling you
  • Direct messages from your “support team” — your spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self
  • Romantic relationships, including kindred souls and your twin flame
  • Messages from loved ones — those who have passed and those still on the Earth
  • Messages from your twin flame and soul family


You will then receive an MP3 recording of the session that will contain the energies from the call. Those energies will continue flowing to you, to support you on your path, for as long as you are open to them.

Also included are any ebook PDFs or guided meditation MP3s by the Collective that they feel would be helpful to you now.

Item 2 – COUPON: 50% Discount on a Session with the Collective

($55 to $112 Value)

Afterwards, you will be sent an MP3 recording of the session that will also contain all of the higher energies from the call.

Also included are any ebook PDFs or guided meditation MP3s by the Collective that they feel would be helpful to you now.

What people are saying about sessions with the Collective . . .

“I can’t adequately find words to express how much interacting with you and the Collective has impacted me!

All so beautiful . . . It’s changed everything for me, and I’m so thrilled and excited to keep moving forward!

– Rachael, Missouri


“I have been feeling so peaceful since the channeling that you and the Collective did last week for me.

I feel like I received a healing!”

– Melissa, North Carolina


“I really enjoyed the session!

I couldn’t stop smiling after it . . . I felt so excited about our future and feel so empowered now! Thank you!”

– Brenda, Ohio


“A beautiful reading! I particularly appreciated the affirmations, and comments about guides.

Words cannot describe my gratitude to you and the Collective. My heart is open! So much love and gratitude!”

– Rosie, Australia


Item 3 The Complete Abundance Series MP3’s

1: The Empowered Abundance Prayer: Your Daily Declaration of Abundance

MP3 recording and PDF
Length: 8 minutes
($20 Value)

This powerful daily affirmation/declaration is imbued with Abundance and Manifestation energies.

These energies work with your soul’s power to shift your Abundance frequency from one of lack, limitation, and struggle, into one that resonated with your co-Creational abilities.

Speak this prayer of command daily, after saying it at least once with the MP3 recording that comes with it, to create and draw forth your Divine Inheritance of Abundance.

Claim your fifth dimensional power to create, as the memory of your own higher manifesting abilities returns to you!

“I have been using the Empowered Abundance Prayer for several days now, and when I do, I feel a strong shift in vibration.
I just received an email from a client who was so pleased with her session, that she purchased a gift certificate for her niece!

I will continue to use this prayer for empowerment, and abundance in all aspects of my life.
Thank you for co-creating this prayer—a reminder that we are the creators of our abundance in all its magnificent forms!”
– Lynne, Reiki Master, New York City

2: Revising Your Life Blueprint:

MP3 recording
Length: 15 minutes
($11 Value)

You wrote certain struggles and challenges into your life chart for this life, or you carried them over as soul imprints from past lives.
But you can release the energy of struggle in those parts of your life that have not responded to other spiritual methods and clearings. You can absorb the wisdom, learning, and growth you were meant to gain from having challenges in this area.
Revise the chart you wrote before incarnating—from struggle to fulfillment!


3: Working with Energy: Manifesting into outer form

MP3 – Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes
($11 value)

Take this journey with the Collective into the higher dimensions, to work with the energy of what you want to create.
You will bring your vibration into perfect resonance with what you envision having or experiencing.
You’ll then birth it into an outer form that serves your higher good and life path.
This is conscious co-Creation!

 This simple and joyful process will guide you to:

  • Concentrate on the qualities of what you want to create, allowing it to come to you in its highest form
  • Raise your energy to match the energy of what you are creating
  • Listen to your intuition so that you will take any outer steps needed to create it in in easy, joyful ways

“I ordered and began doing the Abundance Series MP3s last Monday.
On Wednesday, I started getting jobs and calls coming out of the blue! And it’s continued on through today.I clearly was finally ready to receive and utilize your abundance meditations.Big thanks!”

– Bodhi, artist, Hawaii

4: Allowing Abundance to flow in all areas of your life

MP3 – Guided Meditation
Length: 22 minutes
($11 value)

In this peace-filled meditation, your beliefs and experiences of lack, scarcity, and struggle will be healed and lifted to a much higher level.
Dissolve the energy blocks created by painful or limiting experiences in this life and past lives, and accept greater abundance in every part of your life.


5: Co Creating with the Universe: Molding the Energy of Abundance

MP3 – Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes
($11 Value)

In this journey, you’ll be led to envision and energetically experience the creative, abundant life you dream of having.

You’ll visit your future self and learn what you must do to create this life, while your energy shifts to align your daily life with that reality.

Each time you go through this meditation, experiencing and imaging this new life, you’ll become a greater vibrational match to it, so that you can more easily create it right now.



6: Demonstrating Abundance: Part of your Spiritual Path

MP3 – Guided Meditation
Length: 14 minutes
($11 Value)

This meditation speaks to your unconscious fears about abundance, such as:

  • It’s not spiritual to want to have money”
  • “Receiving means taking what someone else needs more”
  • “Abundance is selfish”
  • “You aren’t deserving”

The Collective speak to this smaller self, helping them understand that it is safe and OK for you to have an abundant life.
Remove subconscious obstacles and blockages that create self-sabotage, and open up to a whole higher level of abundance.

 7: Healing your Smaller Self: Allowing fifth Dimensional Abundance

MP3 – Guided Meditation
Length: 20 minutes
($11 Value)

Journey to fifth dimensional Earth, where you’ll experience being your fifth dimensional self.

Lift your Earth self to a higher level:

  • Absorb the healing energies transmitted from Abundance crystals
  • Release limiting beliefs and conditions that keep you experiencing fear and doubt about money and abundance
  • Retain the wisdom of past lives and experiences, without vibrating on that level
  • Release third dimensional money limits

These powerful energies will lift your vibration, so that you can begin anchoring fifth dimensional abundance into your everyday thoughts, emotions, and finances.




8: Creating Peace of mind About finances

MP3 – Guided Meditation

Length: 13 minutes
($11 Value)

Travel energetically to the beauty, peacefulness, and abundance of fifth dimensional Earth.

This special journey guides you to:

  • Release the energy blockages that hold back money and other forms of Abundance from flowing easily to you
  • Release any doubts or fears you have about what you deserve or are able to create
  • Release worry and vibrate at a level of calm and serenity, so that can be your default vibration in life

10: Healing Your Relationship with Money

MP3 – Guided Meditation

Length: 17 minutes

($11 Value)

Travel with your guides, Angels, and higher self into the higher realms, where you’ll meet with a very high being who will work to help you heal your Abundance challenges.

Absorb the energies of this Wise Being and a powerfully charged Abundance crystal:

  • Rinse your energies clear of belief in lack and scarcity
  • Release the intergenerational beliefs from all the families you have ever been part of that have held back your Abundance
  • Connect energetically with the wisdom and Abundance consciousness of this wise Being
  • Forgive money, and release all guilt and shame about having it
  • Bond with the energies of Abundance

I am adding your meditations and ebooks to my self-care daily practice – all very helpful for my growth and for the growth of my future clients!

Thank you again! I feel re-energized with new energy from your Collective. Blessings to you!

– Terry, Light Coach

 11: Increasing Your Soul Connection: Reclaiming Past Life Strengths and Abilities

MP3- Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes
($11 Value)

Step through time, to visit one of your past lives.

Tap into the sacred gifts you had in that life, bringing them into your conscious awareness.

Let your soul gift you with a scene that is a much higher, finer image of your current life, in which you are using soul-level gifts and abilities.

Accept the reality of that vision into your heart-mind, so that you can begin to live it, experiencing greater joy, self-Love, and fulfillment.

Upgrading Your Energy Patterns:
Shifting to a Higher Vibration of Divine Love, Abundance, and Empowerment

MP3 Recording
Length: 18 minutes
$11 Value

Step out of the energy field you live in every day, and see the patterns that limit the amount of Health, Love, and abundance you are experiencing.

Waves of higher Light will flow through you, erasing old boundaries and dissolving old walls around your heart, as you release thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that do not serve your higher good.

You can be that fearless person who greets all with Love and acceptance, allowing your highest level of physical health and energy, Love, and abundance

13: Soul Level Shifts: Creating A Life That Honors You

MP3 recording
Length: 16 minutes
$11 Value

This journey will lead you to travel through a portal in space-time, and into a Creational energy field.

Choose an area of your life to raise to a higher vibrational level.

A powerful Angelic Being will direct a stream of Light and energy, recalibrating your energy to match the vibration of this new higher reality you are creating.
Release all struggle in this area, so that you vibrationally match this new level of health, Love, abundance, or creative expression.

To help you reach a deeper meditative state, each meditation features beautiful, peaceful background music composed by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman.

Bonus Gifts

The Abundance Group Session 2

MP3 recording
Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes
$14 Value

This is one of the Collective’s five interactive conference calls with the Abundance Group. Our goal is creating true wealth and Abundance.
All of the calls are full of the Collective’s higher energies, as well as the group’s combined Abundance energies and intentions.

They offer

  • Tools for creating a sum of money, a higher income, a new home or vehicle, a new or expanded business or practice
  • Powerful energy processes for manifesting the money, tools, and resources needed to fulfill your life work, well-being, and Abundance
  •  Exercises and meditations for releasing and dissolving your unconscious Abundance blocks
  •  Tools for changing your life blueprint/DNA from struggle and lack consciousness to Abundance consciousness
  • The Collective’s answers to questions from individual callers—beautiful messages of encouragement and higher wisdom

These recordings contain the same empowering Abundance and manifestation energies as the live call.

In this second session, you will experience:

  • Archangel Michael using his Sword of Truth, Excalibur, to cut through and dissolve the cords and attachments that keep you stuck in old belief systems and unconscious patterns of lack
  •  Realizing old beliefs that delay your Abundance, and starting to dissolve those beliefs
  •  Going into the higher realms to work with the energy of what you want to create
  •  Simple exercises to forgive and release anyone or anything you need to forgive or release—grudges and resentments are Abundance blocks!
  •  Traveling into the soul planes to work with these issues on a soul level


To help you reach a deeper meditative state, each meditation features beautiful, peaceful background music composed by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman.



Three Chapters from

Abundance For All: The Collective Speak on Creating Money and True Wealth

E-book – PDF Format

($7 Value)

Enjoy this three-chapter excerpt from this popular book by the Collective on empowered abundance.

The first book in the new Fifth Dimensional Life series, Abundance For All helps us understand the energy traps of the old money system, and how we can help usher in a new fair and just financial system—while lifting our own abundance levels.

Every word carries the higher energies and wisdom of the higher realms, with practical tools for creating wealth and abundance, as well as our own life work.

These three chapters are on:

  • Dealing with the Energies of the Current Money System
  • Changing Your Abundance Blueprint
  • Releasing “Struggle and Hard Work” Programming

Three Chapters from the Collective’s soon-to-be-released book

Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship

eBook – PDF Format

($7 Value)

Enjoy these three chapters from the Collective’s newest book, Connections

  • On Finding Friends You Resonate With
  • On Unrequited Love, and Lost Friendships
  • On Understanding What Twin Flames Are

Each chapter addresses a different aspect of relationships with friends, lovers, or spouses.

Embedded with higher energies and full of higher wisdom, this is a Light on your path to creating fifth dimensional connections with others.


Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this package, simply contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund. Please note that refunds are not available after any live channeling sessions has taken place.



Soul Based Manifesting

Connecting With Your Soul’s Ability to Create Abundance

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Huge blessings, with much gratitude for your presence on the Earth at this time!

Caroline Oceana Ryan

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