Daily assistance of our Guides

Me: I would like to share more on the role of our Guides and Guardian Angels. What role they play and how they assist us daily.

Message: Yes Dear One. Your Guides are here to nudge you along your path or to help you get back onto your path if you stray. They cannot interfere in free will but will send you many messages and at time it will feel as though they are nagging you. It is at times challenging to get through to humans through the density and try to encourage you not to follow your egos. This is why you often divert from your path.

Also in 3D form you are in separation consciousness and it creates fear and the feeling of confusion and doubt. The more you engage in these lower vibrations the more density you create and the more challenging for us to communicate with you.This is why it is so important for you now to awaken and free yourselves from this mire which has kept you hidden from yourselves. We will give your readers a process to help you connect strongly to the Light and your Guides so you feel connected and supported as you move through this transition.

Take a deep breath, sit quietly and comfortably. Allow all your perceived worries, responsibilities and troubles to move aside and allow yourself these few moments of Peace and solitude. Take a deep breath from your diaphragm and relax your shoulders, jaw and neck. Unclench your teeth and hands. Feel as though you are lying on beautiful soft sand on a warm beach and you are at leisure to relax and and enjoy yourself. Lie back quietly on your beach and put aside all worries and cares. You are safe. This is your time. Just relax. We your Guides are with you always. All you need do is speak with us. If you quieten your mind and go inside you will hear us. There is so much chatter going on inside your minds you often don’t hear us above all the noise. The ego mind is very loud. That’s why it gets all your attention. Quieten your mind. Still your breath. Take slow even breaths. While you think a lot you breath shallowly. You require good lungfuls of air so we can communicate effectively. Go inside dear one and step into your heart space. Close the door and know you are perfectly safe and secure. It is safe for you to let go. Trust in the Divine Light. Call in your Higher Self Team and greet each one. Be at Peace in stillness as we open communication channels. Pathways of communication will open for you. Guidance and support will flow through. Let us guide you along your path each day. We can lead you on a direct path avoiding pitfalls and traps set up by the dark to divert you from your path. You have waylaid long enough. Step into your truth. The truth awaits and will be revealed as you follow the yellow brick road.