Earth bound Spirits & Transitioning

Me: Dear Arcturian Higher Self Team I would like information on spirits that have left their bodies but still stuck to the earth and are like ghosts as I experienced.

Message: Yes we have much to say on this subject. When a spirit crosses over it depends on their vibration and level of frequency whether they move forward to the Light or they stay stuck and mired to someone or some object. It depends on their conscious and subconscious awareness how they accept their transition. In your case the spirit in question suffered great trauma, shock and was still anchored here in the 3rd Dimension. She was not able to let go of her fear, grief and attachment to this lower Dimension.

Me: How was she able to connect with me?

Message: You are of a lighter frequency and am open to the Spirit world. As you know she interacted with you the moment you moved in. Also you have Spirit Beings around you who had crossed over and you had experienced communicating with them. (I had experienced an earth bound spirit in a new residence who contacted me and so I helped her to move over to the other side).

Me: What was the sensation I felt when in my unit of a heavy blanket that descended on me?

Message: That was her density which had accumulated throughout her time stuck between worlds. She did not intend you harm, she was seeking release and you did well. She is much grateful for your help, love, compassion and assistance. She holds you in high esteem for this as do we all. You have many gifts and abilities as we have shown you. Use them well.

Me: I also had a Spirit connect with me in my next residence, moving the kitchen sponges.

Message: Yes this spirit just wanted to make her presence felt, there was nothing malevolent. She was having fun with you as you know. You were vibrating on a high vibration at this time due to all the work you were doing both in 3D and Spirit side. You were also awakening to your Elemental self.

Let us speak to you of your mission in this area. You have much to teach others about crossing over. How to welcome the experience and there is nothing to fear. They need to know that all they do is release from their physical selves. They are freed from the binds of 3D existence. This occurs because they have completed their mission and their presence on earth is no longer required. It is not a mistake nor out of any form of punishment. Grief is not required. When they begin to truly know their true self they will not grieve this transition. When they open their Claires and see the Spirit frequency they will see that they simply transition from physical state to Spirit state. There’s no pain in transition only in the attempt to not let go.

Me: Why do people die traumatic deaths as it causes much shock and grief?

Message: It is the paradigm in which you are living in. There are many stories being run and the dark love grief and despair. This is why it is so imperative that you move out of story, out of this density that keeps you stuck in fear and ignorance. Allow yourself and your loved ones to move over to the Light with ease and Grace. you should rejoice not grieve. Be joyful for them as it eases their transition. It is very difficult for them to move to the Light when someone they love is grieving deeply. You yourself have kept loved ones bound to you. Release them all to the Light. Those you love can always assist from the other side. But first they must regenerate. A 3D life is very challenging. There is much density.

Me: Is there more you wish to say about transitioning to the other side?

Message: Yes we would like to inform your readers to prepare themselves. You do not want to take beliefs and blockages of a lower vibration with you when you cross over so learn to release them now. Step out of this paradigm just as if you were stepping out of a suit of clothes. You can accomplish this with your intent. Prepare your body to transition into a Light body as you are all moving out of density. Cut through the mire and glue that keeps you stuck. See yourself cutting through the binds with Excalibur. Focus your intent on moving out of density and into your Light body. Eat lighter organic foods rich in Light and energy. Drink copious amounts of structured water. Breathe the air and exercise. Move out of story. Do not connect to any story. Prepare yourself for 1st contact and this transition. The time is Now.