Flow of Abundance

Me: Greetings my Soul Team. Can you advise me about the seemingly lack of flow of abundance in my life?

Message: Yes Dear One we are please to speak with you on this subject. You have held the vibration of lack and scarcity that you inherited from your Now family members. It is good for you to be aware of this and release this from your blueprint and matrix. It is no longer needed and is holding you back from successfully and confidently moving forwards and experiencing joy in your life. You also require finances to provide for the appropriate care that your human/elemental body requires.

You can do this by seeing the beauty in all things and expressing gratitude for all that you have. Believing in yourself is just like writing with your left hand ( I channeled this message using my left hand). You can do it easily if you never thought you couldn’t.

Start anew just like a small child and this time believe that you are a beautiful child of both Source Light and Elemental Gaia. Here to achieve a mission and all your Ascension Team family really want you to succeed. As a child of Gaia and the Light you are amply provided for continuously. You have the ability to manifest all you require in your life.

Raise your vibration, feel joy and love for your mission here. Focus on gratitude that you are here enjoying a human life here on beautiful Gaia as it will soon be over. Love the opportunity to be here. Connect with Gaia and the Elementals daily to take you out of daily struggle. Separate yourself from negative story. Do not connect with or buy into any story as it creates density. Believe in the truth of who you really are and what you came here to accomplish. If you passionately follow your mission doors will open for you as you step into your true life path.

In Love and Light