Me: Dear Higher Self Team, Could you speak to me on the subject of Judgement?

Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. Judgement is an aspect of Separation Consciousness. It works as a lever to create discord, dislike, non inclusion, jealousy and envy. It is used to inflict pain, aloneness, to push people away from each other. This consciousness affects people of all ages and races. No one is immune. It is a positive belief when it is used in concert with your Higher Self and Intuition to determine what is the right choice to make. But not when used to push others away from you.

You use the concept of judgement when determining to turn left or right; when making healthy food choices; when choosing the appropriate clothing for the weather. It was created to assist you in your daily life but was distorted to work against you.

Know Dear One that we are working tirelessly on this side to assist and help humans to awaken to their True selves. Do not focus on anything that is negative as we don’t want to give it anymore form.

Move towards the Light with a joyful heart as all is working out beautifully. Let go of anything that holds your heart in darkness. Keep true to the knowing of your true self.

In love and Light