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Kelly’s new and discounted package offers 3 options to serve you:

Package A only, Package B Only for energy healers or A and B combined for your best value.

Package A (Value $841) Now $127US

Ascension and Star Healing Intergalactic



  • 30-min. Private Channeled Session ($198 Value)
  • Coupon- 50% Discount off any future 30 or 60 min. Channeling Session* (up to $190 Value)
  • Ascended Spaces (pdf Guide Book) ($24 Value)
  • 5- Divine Healing Activations from Kelly’s Mastering Heaven on Earth Series (each mp3 is 60 min.) ($330 Value)
  • 30-min. Private Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Healing Session ($85)




Package B Now $499

For Healers: Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Online Certification to Conduct First Attunements for Children and Adults

My online training course is a ($300 savings over my live workshop certification training.) We should probably mention in the email synopsis.


Bonus Gifts with the purchase of either package: 

  • Three Chapters from Archangel Michael’s renowned e-book INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
  • Three Chapters from Archangel Michael’s latest release: THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing Wisdom for the Animal Kingdom (including harmonic healing codes you can use to help heal animals!)  
  • Please download Kelly’s free gift (which runs through the duration of the summit w.o. package purchase) 


Package A
Item 1

30-min. Session with Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters or
The Council of 9 via Skype or phone

Value $130

Would you like to know your soul purpose? What galaxy you are from? Curious about when your infinity partner is entering? No question is too large or small for direct guidance from any divine source. All sessions are confidential. Once notified of your purchase, someone from Kelly’s office will be emailing you to schedule your live time. Once secured, everyone kindly rings Kelly at their arranged time either via her land line or via Skype. Your private divinely guided session will be recorded for you.

Read what others are saying:

I just wanted to thank you & the “Big Guy” for all your brilliant help & insights.  Your reading with me has truly changed my life.  Bless you both for it!–Casandra P. Australia

I just had a life changing angel reading with messages from the Archangels Michael and the Ascended Masters. It was very clear, and spot-on. Archangel Michael and I had a wonderful conversation in the reading in which it felt as if we were best friends and he knew exactly what plan of action would be for my highest good. All the angel messages that came through were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational. After this session, my energy fields changed from feeling drained into feeling hopeful about life. Before the reading I was needing an energy boost and Archangel Michael provided that. Consider doing an angel reading with Kelly Hampton for she is kind, loving, and brings forth the Michael messages in such a loving way. -Gabe, Ohio.

If you haven’t had a reading/guidance session w/Michael via Kelly, you NEED TO. My specific questions were answered, AS WELL AS details about my life/me that Michael thought I needed to know about that were not a part of my questions.(So, if you are wondering, “is this real, possible?” The answer is YES.) Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It’s an experience I will never forget and has helped me tremendously. It has given me the direction, clear guidance, and courage I need to move through some major upcoming transitions. Can’t wait for the next one! I think you are the best psychic I have ever spoken to — simply beyond amazing with such accuracy and details. I was blown away!–Alice Claire, D

That was the best reading I’ve ever had!.–Claudia C.

Kelly and AA Michael are awesome! I not only got answers and validation about my life, I experienced the most profound healing after a message came thru from my mother, who has crossed over.–Gina Torinitio

 WOW!!! First time reading with Kelly, This lady is AMAZING! LOVED HER.–Celeste, London

Item 2:

50% OFF

30/60 min. 1 on 1 Channeling or Mediumship Sessions

Future 30 min. and 60 min. channeling sessions are at ½ price. Valid for one year from package purchase date. Via landline or skype from anywhere in the world. Kindly forward your receipt to

Item 3



This is not Feng Shui, not smudging but an easy, powerful system that uses energetic techniques, crystals, oils and the healing of harmonics to detoxify your homes and create abundance given to Kelly in 2011 by Archangel Michael! It is the companion piece to Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM. Keep your home free from attachments and entities, increase the vibration for all who inhabit the space (including pets) and watch your life transform! Instant download of the divinely given guide book to help you immediately begin to detoxify your home space and create greater abundance.

I wanted to say that since I have done the Ascended Spaces, the kids are playing together joyfully and I can hear them laughing together.  This is so warming for the heart! More so than ever before, there has been less fighting between them. So grateful for this!  I love it that it actually feels sacred in our surroundings.  We have been clearing and clearing clutter from top to bottom in about every room of the house.  I just feel so blessed to have come across you….I feel confident that AAM lead me to you or if not him, another guide, angel or loved one through the veil did. Life has been magical!–Melody, Tharp

 It works wonderfully.  We used it to sell a home! Was on the market for 7 months before I could get my beloved to use the program, when he finally did, we started getting offers and after one fell through I reminded him to keep his thinking elevated, we got a bit next day and it sold that week!  Closing was in a week!  Woohoo! Kelly, you ROCK!  As does Archangel Michael, of course!–QiaJenae Hamilton

 My space feels 10 times better than before. I am not afraid of my own closet anymore. It is also so nice to see my son this happy and unafraid. Before, getting him to sleep was always difficult but now he justs rolls over and falls asleep. He is so much calmer.—Nancy, B.

Item 4

5 Divine Healing Audio Activations from Kelly’s Mastering Heaven on Earth Series

During these life-affirming intensive, compacting audio healing workshops with Kelly you will feel like each Master, Archangel or Divine Being is sitting right beside you sharing their divine truths. Some of you will sense them. Have water on hand for these powerful energy transmissions and spiritual teachings which will keep reverberating healing vibrations. You do not need to listen to the audios in this series in any order, though you may choose to listen to one a day to allow the messages and teachings to integrate within you. Kelly recommends being in a relaxed & resting space when accessing this audio series, for when one’s vibration raises, sleep can be an immediate response. Who are bringing you the inspiring messages:

Discovering Your Soul Purpose, What is IT like in Heaven truly? What does knowing our soul theme have to do with living Heaven on Earth Prosperity? PLUS Energy Attunement. Archangel Michael is full of surprises and usually some humor! 60 min.

Mother Mary. The I AM Presence is pulsating within everyone’s Heart Flame. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten how to access this information. Allow Mother Mary to inspire and lead you during this reawakening live group call. Are you willing to receive all the miracles, and blessings that await you? 60 min.

Master Jesus, Sananda, will be present through Kelly teachings to help you release fear and speak about what living in Christ Consciousness Means. PLUS Healing Attunements and activations. Are you ready to embrace love and realize your full potential? Be showered in Divine love! 60 min.

Are you ready to learn new ways to heal within Nature? Mother Earth will share her amazing and powerful wisdom to directly empower you to see your life as truly Heaven on Earth and live in more complete alignment with our world and those upon it. Also energy activations from Gaia. 60 min.

Ashtar Sheran, Galactic Commander of over a million lightships.

Each of these five transmissions serve significant purpose.  You will know that you are not the fragmented and fear-based human ego you have erroneously identified with for aeons of time. You will remember who you really are and you will realize that you have the ability to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE in powerful and life-transforming ways right here and right NOW. You won’t be the same afterwards. Have plenty of water handy. Powerful Pleiadian energies plus divine council and divine healing activations for over 5 hours of transformation.

Item 5


Be reunited with your soul family, have implants and energetic fears removed, have your DNA restructured in one of the most (if not THE most) powerful healing system on the planet since 2010.  In addition, many are traveling to their original soul homes for healing, experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates to experience God, receiving key code activations, able to time travel with further advancement into the system receive sacred healing symbols from Archangel Michael and much, much more. More than 15 light races are present now in every session, using light language, harmonic codes, sacred geometry and other advanced methods to help you Ascend and heal many conditions of the mind, body, spirit, which have been documented by thousands around the globe. You may redeem this live offer for a pet if prefered, using Star Healing Intergalactic Energy for Small AnimalsTM system.

 Connect to Higher Consciousness on The Galactic Plane

Why is this modality is so powerful?
The  source is Pleiadian-5th D pure love from the Great Central Sun, who preside in this planetary system at the Temple of Illumination

Q: If the world is Ascending Archangel Michael why is there a need for a new powerful healing system like Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM?

Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination with after receiving this amazing 5th D molecular work–
Reduction or elimination of skin cancers/tumors bone spurs
Circulatory disorders
Clairvoyance enhancement
Immune system dysfunction
Allergies, Asthma and other respiratory conditions
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Ringing in the ears
Soul traumas from abuse and other emotional damage
Addictions, compulsions
Fears, phobias
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped disks
Sleep disturbances,
Depression, memory loss
Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones
Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage
Overindulgence in food and alcohol
In addition, many are traveling to their original 5th d. homes experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates, receiving key code activations, having implants removed, including grays and dark entities, traveling through time with advancing sessions.

Here is what others have said about this REVOLUTIONARY 5thD Pleiadian Healing System For the Planet Given to Kelly

This is my first time working with Kelly and doing energetic body work and no words can describe the impact that I felt. With the reading session with AAMichael, the information was in depth and spoke to my being with accuracy and knowing. The guidance given was practical, articulate, and with so much love. As for the 30 min Star Healing Intergalactic session, I physically, emotionally, and visually had encounters with every component Kelly was working on. They even addressed physical ailments that I didn’t realize was still prevalent in my body. After the session, I immediately noticed how much lighter, having heightened awareness of surroundings with all my senses, and for the first time feel being “whole” which I have been working on and resolving for many years. The feeling of being broken or the piece of me that was missing was gone. Basically, whatever you have going on, you can be assured it will be addressed. I highly recommend going for a session and have your own experience. I feel so alive and blessed to have the opportunity to cross paths with Kelly. -Justina C.

 During my session, I saw some light beings energetically separate my brain, removed what looked like an implanted chip, and then they brought it back together. Amazing!!!–Sandra K.

 I had been feeling a lump under my left ribcage which would move and squirm at times and when on my back I felt pressure and weight.  I also had smaller painful I would lay umps on the side of my left ribcage in assorted sizes.  When I woke up ocn Saturday morning, lying on my back, I realized I felt empty.  I had no pressure, and no pain.  The lumps along the side of my chest are also gone.  I am amazed, astounded, surprised, and elated.  I don’t know why I’m surprised since I’ve had my first healing with you just this past year.  I asked for healing of skin cancer on my fae, and migraine headaches.  I have far less headaches, and the surgery for my skin cancer was much less than my surgeon expected.  I am so thankful for Archangel Michael’s words, advice, love and guidance, and I am most thankful that you have the courage and strength to bring them to the public so we can all go forward into the ascension without fear.–Jennifer Danion

 My left eye-red and sore for the past few months is feeling much better. It has often been blood red, sore and uncomfortable. But tonight it is fine. (Update) I have stopped smoking for over two months now. All thanks to your treatment session.—Christie Matheson, USA

 During my Star Healing I saw a bearded/mustached man with a long white robe and what looked like angel wings and a crown of light on his head enter the picture.–Shari Jacobs

 Wowie  Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing.  People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves! Abundant blessings –Laura Dillard

 In 24 hours, this healing has accomplished more for me than years of consultation of traditional doctors!–Guillermo, Canada

 A wonderful experience. I saw pink cubes containing red hearts. The physical problems were clenched jaw. The next morning I woke up with my teeth NOT touching for the first time in years! My foot alignment–I can tell that corrections were made structurally. Thank you so much for bringing this new healing into the world. –Debbie, Antantis

 More powerful than the Reconnection. This is GOD energy.-Linda Pullano

Bonus 1:


  1. Since the Beginning
  2. The Sacred Garden
  3. Praying for Peace

Kelly was awakened by a big, bright white light near 2004. As a professional psychic and medium she identified the energy as coming from a divine source. In subsequent visions the presence identified himself as Archangel Michael. As overseer of the Virtues and guide to light workers, he telepathically channeled a profoundly amazing body of spiritual myths, truths, and prophecies to the author (the first of 3 presently).. It begins with the time of the Creation and ends with prophecies for the 21st century, including the discovery of a new planet the angel calls Nebulon. It reads like a sacred book in the depth of knowledge (because it is one!) Archangel Michael shared these truths as parables. It is a profoundly enlightening book for all faiths and may cause some to re-examine their previously held beliefs. Entire text is available through in English and Spanish. Signed copies shipped within the USA at

Bonus 2:

Three chapters from


From Archangel Michael

  1. Healing the Core of Mother Earth
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Animals of the Water

Archangel Michael leads us through a powerful examination of the animal kingdom from pre-dawn to the future, exploring new species of animals, mythical creatures and more. The angel shares healing codes for every man, woman and child to help heal the animals. Through Archangel Michael’s divine wisdom you will be inspired, receive new information never before shared in a loving, profound way. A must read for anyone and everyone who loves animals and is also looking for answers to some of the world’s most lingering questions–what happened to the dinosaurs, is the Loch Ness Monster real, what is the future of animals nearing extinction, how are the animals here to help accelerate the healing of the planet, what do other galaxies have to do with the animal kingdom and much, much more. Understand how animals of water, land and air communicate with each other. Hear from Mother Earth as she shares her wisdom about early Earth and the earliest of animals. Learn 10 top ways to help elevate the animal kingdom, and why some animals are known as indigo, rainbow and crystalline animals. It is written as a parable because it is in many ways, a holy book. Entire text is available through Signed copies shipped within the USA at

PACKAGE A live sessions are done by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.


Package B

Kelly is excited to offer this powerfully illuminating Package B exclusive to all healers on the planet:


Package B ($810 Value) NOW $499 US

This home study online practitioner certification course is perfect for health practitioners and alchemists who would like to expand their existing practice in the comfort of their own home, on their own schedule and for those who are unable to attend one of Kelly’s live intensive workshops.  You must have prior healing experience as a prerequisite. Included is live online support with Kelly for up to 2 months after course enrollment.

 Click below to learn more:

YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2

Who should apply to enroll?

Everyone who has a personal or professional interest in health, spirituality, human growth and well-being–body workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, nurses, and anyone who is interested in accessing divine wisdom. As long as you have two hands to participate, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM can have a profound effect on your life, the lives of your Crystalline, Indigo, Rainbow, and other highly vibrational children and help you and them reach spiritual oneness!

 How is this healing different from or better than other forms of healing?

“The beauty of this healing is that it will allow you to access higher vibrational levels than perhaps either the novice or experienced master may have accessed in other forms of healing. Again, make no judgment of this being better or worse, only different as all colors make up a rainbow. This I feel is a flexible, powerful, creative form of healing, accessing a different source. You decide for yourselves. Some will feel more comfortable in the old ways, some will be ready. You will know if you are ready.” —Archangel Michael

Click this link to be directed to the welcome page to learn more about this exceptional 5thD healing system and see your FREE gifts with enrollment:

5th D Healing System Link

Read what other certified practitioners are saying about Kelly’s online course-

After seeing you shapeshift into Archangel Michael, Christ, then Ashtar, I don’t know who you are, what planet you are from, but I am so glad you are here! I am proud to be a Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Practitioner!—Poco Taylor, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Practitioner

 I have taken different healing classes, but nothing to compare to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy. First I had a Star healing, and knew that I needed that energy around me all the time. Just over a month later I took the classes.  Kelly is the most amazing teacher, and the class & the energy just flow. To access this energy and pass it on to others is the most amazing gift anyone can give themselves.You will not be sorry if you take this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Kelly,– JoAnn Seckus, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, Chicago, IL

 As my training to become a certified Star Healing practitioner approaches its end, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful program. Never has a teacher been so available and almost all  the time ready  for me, for my needs and my questions. Instead of travelling and paying expensive Hotels, I enjoyed the best, most customized training ever, but online.I would like to let every aspirant know, what a skillful and engaged teacher you are. You taught not only the techniques, but you conveyed in an authentic and inspiring way, your love and appreciation for this new, special  healing method and its creator, Archangel Michael. I truly wish that many people sense the profound uniqueness of this opportunity to accessing and learning the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Method, especially in this easy online way. Again, thank you, Kelly, — Ellen Simon, Certified Practitioner

 The most powerful healing system I have experienced in my 45 years as a healer.– Gwendolyn Hill

 I would like to thank Kelly, AAMichael and the Pleiadian galaxy for the gift of becoming a certified practitioner. I feel proud to be part of the group of lightworkers who are doing this work. My heart is open, my world is beautiful and I have found peace.—Sarah, UK Star Healing Certified Star Healing Practitioner

 Please continue to teach me and my family about the love, strength and spiritual wisdom that we deserve. I am very proud to be a light worker under your counsel.—Velma C. Certified Star Healing Practitioner

Once Kelly is notified of your purchase you will be emailed a link to register and begin your online magnified training!

Kelly’s online course is in English, with additional training materials developed in Japanese, and Spanish. Contact Kelly’s office at




Package A and B Combined Total Value: $1,655.
Your’s for only: $500.00

You may purchase package A, or package B or A and B combined–your best value~

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Email: kelly@kelly-hampton.comm


Certification Courses for healers, spiritual teachings for our New Earth


Special Offer Package A $127US

Special Offer Package B $499US

Special Offer Package A & B $500US

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