Knowing Thyself

Me: Dear Ascension Team. Could you provide me with information about ‘Knowing Thyself’

Message: Yes we are pleased to speak with you on this subject.
To know yourself puts you fully in the vibration of Peace. Knowing all is well in your world. It is imperative that you all move forward into the space of knowing who you are so you can fully step into the Divine Beings that you are and let your beautiful light shine.

You can know yourself by understanding the factors that make up your true body, your true self: your energetic bodies, chakras, aspects, beliefs, blockages, clairs, senses, Divine Purpose, life lessons, your soul imprint, blueprint, matrix, how you project energy, how you take in energy, how your energy affects others, how other’s energy alters you, how you are distorted by your beliefs, blockages and the energy around you. How your intent and purpose projects out before you and manifests your life and experiences. Know yourself as a creator and destroyer; How you live in duality and must experience duality. Know the truth of your elemental self; the contracts; know your true spiritual self; how you work together and communicate.

Become aware of your innate abilities that were hidden from you. Awaken your senses, step into your true self, know that you are of the Light. Feel this knowing in your heart space, not as an intellectual knowing. Feel and experience this truth. Live it with each breath and step you take. Know that each footstep on the earth leaves an imprint, a vibration. So walk forward each day in truth. Knowing that you are both a Light Being and an Elemental and as such as you continue to let go of all negative outdated beliefs and paradigms and raise your frequency as a Light Being you are also raising the frequency of Gaia.

You have one foot in the higher realms and one foot in earth. Can you see now how you have accepted this mantle of living in duality. You are both spirit and earth; Light-body and Elemental body, working in concert for the good of all. This is one of your contracts in taking on human form and we are proud of all the work you do here. We hold you in high esteem as we know how painful and challenging a human life can be.

We want you to know your worth, your true value as we value the part you play. Know that we love and support you as you move forward on this path. We are here guiding and protecting you all the way. Do not worry dear one and call on us and speak with us daily as our guidance provides you with courage and conviction to take the next step along your journey.

Move into a state of Peace and enjoy the journey as an earth life is the richest life of all. Play in this playground, while giving thanks for this opportunity to be here in this Now moment. As it is a momentous time for you and all of humanity. Be grateful for all you have and all opportunities opening up before you. 

Sleep well and deeply as we work on the other side during your resting hours and awaken each day refreshed and vibrant ready to face any fresh challenges that you are so competently equipped with to release. A challenge in life is an opportunity for enjoyment as you see how easily you are able to navigate it. It can be perceived as a maze of sorts providing joy, excitement and expectation. Allow and accept on each journey. Experience and feel then let go with gratitude for all you’ve learnt and for how much further you have moved along your path. Do not get immersed in nor hold onto any story. Know it for what it is and let go.

In Love and Light Dear One
Know We are you