Message from my Guide Team

While contemplating the other day I came to the realization that I am part of a spiritual team. I am a team member down here on earth and my team consists of my Guides, Guardian Angels, Higher Self, Ascension team and Galactic family. As a team member I have my role to play which is to remember who I am and release all paradigms, limiting beliefs and blockages that are of a lower vibration and holding me back from realising my Divine Purpose.

Whilst contemplating this I decided to see if I could channel and receive answers. Below is the message that came through. Some is personal to me but I hope it may help others as well.

Message: We are pleased to speak with you again. What is your question?

Me: Greetings, I would like to understand the roles that each of my team play in my specific mission here on earth?

Message: Yes we are pleased to answer this. Your guides are part of your Ascension team and in concert with your higher aspect of self, guide you to take action that furthers you to release those blocks which you created throughout your myriad incarnations. To release and let go of the binds you have placed around yourself and to become aware of each aspect of self which is limiting and stuck in old and outdated paradigms so you can release and let go and bring them back into yourself to become whole and fully into the higher aspect of self. This is your goal so you can fully realize yourself and step fully into your Divine Soul Purpose.

Me: I am so grateful for this communication. What is the purpose of our guardian Angels?

Message: Your Guardian Angels are higher aspects of self that chose to be with you through all of your incarnations. They are there to protect you whilst you are in your incarnation and belief of disconnect from source and the paradigm of free will. This paradigm takes you furthest away from Source.

Another being came forward.
Message: Greetings little one, we want to speak to you on the subject of grounding. As you are of an elemental nature you are a manifestation of Gaia and as such you must always remain grounded, because as an elemental, Gaia is your Source Light. If you are not grounded you are floating in the ether and disconnected from your self. We are all here with you within Mother Gaia, welcoming you home to guide and assist you on this path and purpose you so passionately love and want to accomplish and fully realize. Grounding is essential to connect to higher vibrations so you can download information to feel whole within yourself,to experience the emotion of love, joy, confidence in knowing you are on your path and realizing your dreams in this life.

Me: I am so grateful and love and honour you. Yes this is what I truly want. How can I serve you fully? I need time in my life to do the grounding, clearings and meditations

Message: We are pleased to step forward for this transmission. We are the Arcturians.
Me: I doubted what I was hearing and asked. Am I right?
Message: Yes dear one. We are the collective of your higher self team and are pleased with your progress. Let us speak to you of your service. You came here to assist Gaia at this time to help release her from the binds that have held her back. You feel her pain and love her. You wish to free her of the human ignorance that has seriously harmed her and assist her to transcend all these limiting beliefs and paradigms that held her in the space where she was used, abused, violated, had her resources stolen without respect for her as a sentient being, without knowing what harm it was causing her. The disrespect of her caused the most pain.
Can you not relate this to your own life dear one? Can you not see the parallels. This is why you chose this life, to experience all your hardships so you can learn to release and let go.

I was disrupted as I was working and had to attend to my client. I continued later.
Me: Dear Collective of my Higher Self team. I would like to continue the last transmission please.

Message: Welcome back dear one. We know and honour the love you show humans. They are teaching you compassion and you are fulfilling your service work by serving humanity. Each helps and assists the other to learn their lessons and live their service work.
We will continue our lesson on your Soul Purpose. Your life reflects the pain Gaia has also gone through. This is so you can release and let go. In effect you are releasing in concert with Mother Gaia. As one releases and raises their frequency so does the other. Mother Gaia needs to cleanse all her water ways which relate to your fluid body such as your veins, kidneys and channels in your elemental body. As you learn to fully love and respect your elemental self that is fully and completely an aspect of Gaia you will see yourself in a new light and will begin to treat your body with true love and respect and treat her with all the love, compassion and care that you show to all of your clients. You will fully come into yourself and truly experience for your self who is a representation of Mother Gaia and you will be fully in the Now and be in full awareness of how to cleanse and heal your body and maintain optimum health and therefore teach others.
If you really love Gaia you must really love yourself. Can you not see now that you are truly beautiful? Is this not what you say as you look over Gaia’s body? Do you not exclaim over her beauty? Has this beauty not kept you here providing you with purpose to stay here in this human existence? Have you not decorated your business with your beloved images of beloved Mother Gaia? Do you not have love and respect for the indigenous people of this beloved land. They are the original care takers of the land and have deep roots and connection to Gaia. They have much to teach you and you will learn with love and gratitude.
Do you not love crystals and gems of Gaia? Do you not surround your home with marble and stone, trees and plants? When you fully realize the truth that is you; the truth that each and everyone of you is a fully embodied aspect of Gaia you will fully step into your true self and onto your path.You must all honour and respect yourself and step forward as true Beings of Light. As you heal and honour your physical body, you are honoring and healing the body of Gaia. Releasing and letting go of all the density that has held her back.