Message from the Sirian High Council

Greetings Blessed Beloved One

We come to you this day from the High Council and wish to impart this Divine Message of infiltration to your readers, the sovereign rule in regards to their Ascension into their true selves and their 5D Light body.

We are working with the Violet Flame to transmute all density from the lower realms to assist in your energy work to release all lower density and darkness from your surrounding environment as well as your human elemental and energetic bodies.Know that your energy is always radiating out from you and equally taking in energy from your surrounds. So it is vital that your surroundings are also cleansed.

The time is nigh for all those who wish to ascend with Gaia to move into your upper 4th Dimension and beyond into Light Body. As you all anchor into Gaia’s core crystal and raise in frequency so too will Gaia as you are all elementals in essence. As you raise your frequency so too does Gaia. Each assists the other. This is an important truth for you all to understand and develop a true awareness of. As you agreed to be human, you agreed to wear an elemental body which is an aspect of Gaia. Whatever happens to you happens to Gaia. Whatever happens to Gaia happens to you. As you raise in vibration, so does Gaia and you elevate each other to your true state of being “Light Body”.

We are supporting and tirelessly assisting in this Ascension work. And ask you to persist daily in this task of preparing your body, to cleanse and release all that has kept you stuck. 

Only consume foods high in energy as what you take in alters your energetic frequency. If you consume foods and drink of depleted and low energy this is what you will be and experience. We wish to encourage you to remain in the highest vibration at this time. What awaits is truly worth this shift in consciousness. Move out of the tried and familiar and step boldly forward into the path you were meant to tread and all will follow in your footsteps.

In love and Light

Sirian High Council of Light  .