Past Lives

Me: Greetings my Higher Self Team. I would like to ask you about past lives. Do I still hold attachments, beliefs, paradigms and aspects from any past incarnation?

Message: Yes Dear One we are happy to converse with you regarding this issue. You are now moving in the upper 4th and need to release all shackles and attachments to any perceived past experiences. A life was intended for you to experience emotion, not to create density and negative beliefs. The dark created karma as this kept you in struggle and powerlessness. It was not a truth, but whilst you remained stuck overlong you could not be freed from this wheel.

We have now released this paradigm and matrix. You need now to take off this outer casing as it no longer has any true connection to the true you. Step out and into the Light. Throw off that which is no longer useful. See your true beautiful self. Open your eyes and perceive the beautiful day and world around you. You are a child of the Light. Open your arms, heart and soul to freedom, love and joy. Celebrate! You have been liberated Dear One.

Concern yourself not of the past but of the Now present moment and rejoice as each new fresh experience manifests.Delve into the depths of Gaia and commune with your Elemental selves. They await this union with growing anticipation. Join the celebration. You will soon bring to fruition all that you hold dear.

Let us speak to you of another subject. One which concerns us in relation to your past experiences. We do not want you to hold onto any experience of your past but to completely place it in the compartment of “experience complete”.

This density is being burnt off you. Transmuted in the Violet Flame you so love. This is what you will teach others. There are many still grasping on to these old paradigms like a life raft. Yet if you let go you will see yourselves as instantly saved. You hold on in the false belief of familiarity because you have forgotten. These old experiences and ways of reacting are truly holding you back. They can never save you. While you continue to hold on and give them form you keep them alive.

It’s safe to let go now. We are right here beside you. Let go of these old fears and hold our hands instead. We extend our hands out to you. Clasp our hands together and you will be free.

Me: Should I still help people using past life regression?

Message: Yes Dear One as it raises their vibration. Awakens them to their selves and possibilities. Opens doors. You yourself enjoy the experience of connecting with higher aspects. Allow others to partake of this enjoyment and awakening..

.In Love and Light Dear One