Releasing False Beliefs

Me: Higher Self Team, could you provide an Activation to help us acknowledge and release our lower beliefs that no longer serve our highest good?

Message: Thank you Cathrine for the trust you place in us. Know we love and support this transitional stage you are all experiencing at this now moment.

Let us sit quietly in a state of peace and receptivity. You need to be be willing to allow for this activation to have full benefit.

We prepare for this transmission in regards to the density you hold both within and without.

These beliefs are story that you have attached to the belief in yourself. The concept you hold in relation to who you believe yourself to be. Know this is not who or what you truly are. You are a pure vibrational essence of the whole. We are all aspects of the One Source Light.

All strictures and judgements you entwine about your concept of who you are, are false beliefs. They are like garments you cloth yourself in. You can take them off as easily as you put them on.

Developing a true knowledge and awareness of who you truly are can assist you greatly to take off this mantle of false identity made up of the garment of false beliefs. This garment you began to place on yourself as you moved into being human at the time of conception. By choosing your parents you picked up beliefs and paradigms which had been handed down through the generations of these family lineages as well as any you carried over from your past existences.

To truly release and remove all these false beliefs you need to develop a full awareness of who you truly are as a spiritual being living a human existence for the sole purpose of assisting Gaia and humanity to throw off the shackles of the 3D paradigm and ascend into your 5D self and the truth of who you are.Most of you have agreed to participate in a mission while in your human body and to develop a full understanding of this mission will assist you to move out of lower 3D frequencies.

This transmission is encoded with Light frequencies intended to assist you in raising your consciousness. As you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of humanity and the planet.

Sit in stillness as this awareness moves deeper into your conscious awakening. Know this to be a higher frequency. You need to practice this every waking moment. See each interaction and experience for what it is. A mirrored experience for you to see what further beliefs you need to transmute into higher vibration. The more you develop your awareness the faster you will move into your 5D Lightbody.

It is time now for all to return to your true selves.

We Honour You
In love and Light
The Divine Council of One