Separation Consciousness

Me: Good morning my Higher Self Team. Can you explain to me how the different races here on earth were formed?

Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this topic. Each race was formed because of separation consciousness. To keep you separate and create discord, envy and jealousy. Can you not see how this has created wars and furthered the paradigm of separateness? The fear of others and power over others were created out of this paradigm of separateness. Intolerance for difference was another created belief out of this paradigm. This concept you have brought up of ‘black and white’ is just such another belief keeping you in separation consciousness.

It is time for the human race to awaken and realize that they have been kept in separation consciousness and learn how to move out of this outdated and damaging paradigm. It has been the cause of all the wars on this planet. Yes you blame religion but they were just manifestations of separation consciousness and the desire to rule and control others.

Me: What can we do to move out of this paradigm?

Message: Raise the vibration of the planet. You must each raise your frequency to lift Gaia out of this mire. It is like glue keeping you all stuck in lower vibration. While you remain stuck in lower vibration you cannot know yourself. It is imperative for you all to know your true self so you can fully step onto your path and accomplish what you all came here to do as pure beautiful aspects of Source Light and Mother Gaia. Each person in a human body has taken on the mantle of being an Elemental and has agreed to help Gaia raise her frequency. It is time now to step forward, step up to the plate and play your role.

In Love and Light