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Nelly Datwyler and Dushy Abeyesekera

Nelly and Dushy’s paths have been interwoven since their childhood in Kandy – Sri Lanka
Having worked together at the same company for seven years in Sri Lanka, they moved to opposite ends of the globe – Nelly to Switzerland and Dushy to Australia, where they started families of their own with four wonderful children: two girls to Nelly and two boys to Dushy.

After twenty two years with no contact a reconnection happened which culminated in them meeting up in Sri Lanka to discover the paths each had been on and the gifts they had learned in the process.
Adversity in the form of relationship breakdowns had hit both of them and the development of their intuitive gifts and shared learnings were strikingly similar.

Nelly had become an avid yoga devotee and a nutritional and meditation practitioner finding her purpose in life, which led her to complete her Diplomas in Nutrition & Relationship Therapy with Kurt Tepperwein at the International Academy of Sciences in Vaduz, Switzerland. Having experienced firsthand the pains associated with a relationship breakdown and getting through it, she expressively uses this knowing in her relationship counseling.

Dushy who always had a natural ability to see auras and energy had taken to the field of Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy.

The rebirth of their relationship to one another, their relationship to their families and to themselves created a strong soul calling for Dushy and Nelly. Inspired and united in their shared purpose to work with others as they discover their souls’ purpose, and how others too can work with the universal laws to co-create lasting empowered change.

Soul Chrysalis was born.

Nelly extended her early nutritional and meditative consultations and relationship counseling to create today’s Quantum Relationship Therapy and Soul Body Nourishment, which work holistically with the thirteen energy systems of our bodies and Soul Consciousness.

Dushy’s interest in how our prior relationships influence the present led him to qualifications in Past Life Regression, learning from Toni Reilly / Brian Weiss. He then studied Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and is a registered Level 2 Practitioner.  He obtained skills in Intuitive Counseling.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique became a part of their offering. They also use their innate ability to connect with energy to communicate with affected parts of your body in order to release blockages and self heal.

In 2017 Dushy and Nelly were intuitively guided to work with the body using colour and sound. As the human body evolves, it responds more and more to sound and colour in order to heal. In quick succession the now famous Sound Cocoon experience was born. The Sound Cocoon experience is a complete sensory immersion working with formulated healing frequencies intuitively guided for an individual or group. No two Sound Cocoon sessions are the same. During a Sound Cocoon Nelly and Dushy may work with crystal singing bowls, drums, music attuned to the healing frequency 432 Hz, Aromatherapy and energy in the form of colours.

Active advocates for New Ways of Being Dushy and Nelly also facilitate fortnightly group Sound Therapy / Japa Meditations, and workshops on The Law of Attraction, Ascension Mysteries, Extra-Terrestrial  Disclosure,  the Secret Space Program and our true origins as humans. We explore topics such as False Flags and how society in general has been misled and manipulated.

We provide insights, understanding and opportunities to heal, grow and evolve on many levels, by addressing issues and circumstances at the causal stages. We take a holistic view involving the physical body, the mind and the emotional body as well as the larger non-physical spirit body.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) may involve reviewing the lessons learnt, people and circumstances of past lifetimes and how they influence our relationship with ourselves and others in the now. QHHT works with the client’s soul consciousness, higher self or subconscious to open pathways to newfound clarity, understandings and healing.  We may receive information from other realms that have insights and knowledge to share.

Quantum Healing is how we describe and encapsulate all that we do at Soul Chrysalis.

We have been reminded by beings from other realms that we are here to facilitate change and bring about new awareness, with the discarding of old ways that no longer serve humanity.  This is what we have done many times previously in different parts of the universe and other realms, with other civilizations and beings. It would seem that we worked in teams that volunteered to do such work. They urge us to get on with what we came here to do as time is of essence.

We have awakened to our purpose.  Now we work with our clients to co-facilitate and awaken them to theirs. 

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What are Dimensions and How They Work


Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect, Energy Engineer

Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect/Energy Engineer

is a New York-based energy worker,  speaker of the Languages of the Light and the Akash, and a Divine channel.

Audrey Light Language is celebrated as a ‘healer to the healers’ from ‘time before time,’ and is a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for humanity and Gaia. Audrey has worked with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or phone for:
Light Language healing, the language of the Akash, channeled messages from higher beings, sacred key numerical codes and your own personal list of Ascension numbers, and DNA upgrades, all extremely powerful releasing, healing and activations that occur on multiple levels.

She has been featured many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC- America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo-  she has shared her work at the Edgar Cayce Center, she is a world renowned healer. She has also been featured and interviewed on popular radio shows such as Awakening Heart Network and Lauren Galeys’ Quantum Conversations and Healing Conversations, as well as John Burgos’ Beyond the Ordinary Show.

This is healing without the smoke & mirrors- healing through the illusions, to the truth, to return you to the magic of that which you are.

Welcome to your EVOLution, the rEVOLution of Light & Love!



Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine is an Internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Speaker, Author and creator of The Secret Power of You Master Course and PowerStream, a live online group energy clearing. 

After experiencing a spiritual epiphany, Terrie found herself on a journey building and supporting what she calls her “super powers”. 

She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).

Most people cannot connect to the blocks that hold them back from receiving love, happiness, peace or abundance.  They live their lives being triggered by what another says or does.  Simply put, she can connect to your energy and reveal when you accepted this block, at what age and by whom and then energetically shift this block out of your subconscious so you can bring in all that you deserve in your life.

She has worked with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community

After years of mastering intuition and energy work and having helped thousands of people all over the world, Terrie Christine breaks down how lasting transformation occurs so you can begin taking steps toward more ease and grace.

  • Hack into your intuition and transmute blocks
  • Detect and identify what it is you need in your life and then learn techniques to do it for yourself.
  • Discover how to manifest in the NOW
  • Raise your vibration into a new blueprint of creation
  • Engage in the techniques of energy healing and enhance your hidden powers
  • Enrich the shift of energy within your physical being

Join our interactive show to expand and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Terrie Christine
Intuitive Life Coach
Heal your past…Love your Life!

240-600-1171 |


Christopher Macklin

Christopher Macklin, PhD was born in Chester, England in 1962. From an early age he displayed extraordinary spiritual abilities and was able to see and communicate with multi-dimensional beings and the angelic realm. In addition, he was able to provide help to people energetically through a Divine Power that he felt flowing within him.

It wasn’t until 2006, however, when a series of life changing events occurred, that he fully anchored in his Spiritual power to become the internationally recognized healer and teacher that he is known as today. As his capacity to channel and use Divine Energy increased, a deep remembering activated within his soul of his Divine Origins as a Melchizedek Being. As a result, he has been able to bring to humanity the wisdom and healing techniques of the Divine Melchizedek Realm.

Today, through the help of God and the Angelic Realm, he is able to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses and has been able to restore people and their lives back to wholeness when previously the medical profession could offer them no more help. Christopher is able to heal cancer, Lyme Disease, MS, Parkinson’s, suicidal tendencies, bi-polar syndrome, depression, spinal deformities, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, etc., all through raising frequency, clearing chakra points and meridians, removing energetic blockages and accessing and activating the client’s Divine blueprint.

He works with individuals and large groups and is the author of two books, “The Enigma of Divine Healing” and “Divine Transcendence”. He is also the creator of several Divinely attuned meditations and prayers which can be found on his website and on iTunes and the play store.

Christopher Macklin Ministries Inc.
(IRS Approved 501c3 Non For Profit Ministry)

Dr. Rev. Christopher Macklin
180, Claremont Drive,
Branson MO 65616,


Margaret Claire (Peggy) Jacobs


Now with Your Creation Vibration and The Messages of the Mothers. 

My journey has evolved over many years to bring me to this time as a Unified Human/Spiritual Being operating from my Compassionate Heart in this Ascension time. My experiences continue to evolve so that I am an expression of;

God’s Unconditional Love as Channel, Healer, Toner and Messenger Guide for Awakened Remembrance.

After several years of transitions in my personal life, I began searching for a new modality to enhance my nursing experience. In a very convoluted manor, I was guided to my channeling teacher of the past 30 years, a very different and life-changing occurrence.My initial resistance was changed when I experienced a sense of “coming home” and could channel immediately.  I also felt the strong connection of The Mothers, as a loving presence that enveloped me beyond description. They are a group of Light Beings of the Divine Feminine. I also work with All the Beings of Light in all Realms.

I have been carried through many challenges by surrendering my way, and choosing trust, faith and love as a decision. I am always given whatever is for my greatest good. Despite the answer being no or not yet, I have learned again and again, something even greater appears.

I experience God as Vibration. Each being/person has their unique signature vibration, like a fingerprint. Vibrational Heart Toning uses the voice, which everyone always has with them, to expand the connection of Divine alignment with Creator. Our journey at this time in Remembrance is to trust and experience this assistance NOW. Light Language and Channeling are powerful tools that have assisted me to move through these times of heart opening changes. These tools are accessible to all, your birthright.

 I uniquely create with all those who come to me, the sustainable Heart Vibrations that provides the container of love for self-empowerment and remembrance for their own path.  Our energies together co-create another aspect with the Divine.  Your own particular Guides are combined with my Guides, to be the unique Creation Vibration in that moment. This guidance assists in your expansion story of Ascension. Messages are recorded so that each time it is listened to another level of vibration is incorporated in your awareness.

Margaret Claire offers individual sessions in person or through phone, Skype, and Face Time. I welcome the opportunity to bring Toning and Angelic Messages to your group or organization.


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Welcome All to The Golden Cord Meditation

Margaret Claire has been gifted with this Golden Cord Meditation from The Mothers and all the Beings of Light. In this meditation, each one is gifted to integrate into the highest light, energy, and cellular vibration for Fifth Dimension that is possible on the planet Earth. This meditation is for about 20 minutes. 

Accompanied by Toning before and after the meditation,(opening your mouth to give sound with your voice and the intention to be connected to Creator vibration) enhances our ability to connect to that which is our Unity.


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Marian Cameron

Marian is a highly regarded professional and passionate Hypnotherapist currently based in Perth Western Australia.   She first came across Past Life Regression when pioneer Dolores Cannon brought her method down-under over 10 years ago and has since experienced the most extraordinary and mind-opening sessions using it.  

For many years, Marian has sought out many forms of Hypnosis / Ancient Healing Arts – and when asked the greatest of teachings – Marian attributes it to her challenged childhood for igniting a survival mind-set to a knowing and connecting beyond.   This is confirmed back within the flow of past life regression sessions – where sought healing and information brought through the higher self are as bonded together as holding hands.

Hypnotherapy is a phenomenal gift that Marian shares in a lyrical fashion –  engaging you into the conscious awareness of your loving magnificence, healing and knowledge accessible with the higher self and beyond.   This is the beautiful bridge and gift of QHHT™ –  we Thank You Dolores Cannon

Marian works professionally full time reliving her passion daily having helped hundreds with Hypnotherapy and QHHT™. 

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Marian Cameron
Clinical Hypnotherapist AHA Dip. Clin. Hyp
P: (08) 9300 3073   M:
0413 367 099

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