Activation to remove blockages

I asked my Higher Self Team if they could provide me with an activation to remove all blockages that were preventing me from fully Allowing, Accepting and Receiving. Message: Yes Dearest Cathrine. Sit back and allow our message to pour forth. Just relax and center yourself. Bring all of the awareness of self into the […]

Past Lives

Me: Greetings my Higher Self Team. I would like to ask you about past lives. Do I still hold attachments, beliefs, paradigms and aspects from any past incarnation? Message: Yes Dear One we are happy to converse with you regarding this issue. You are now moving in the upper 4th and need to release all […]


Me: Dear Higher Self Team, Could you speak to me on the subject of Judgement? Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. Judgement is an aspect of Separation Consciousness. It works as a lever to create discord, dislike, non inclusion, jealousy and envy. It is used to inflict […]

Separation Consciousness

Me: Good morning my Higher Self Team. Can you explain to me how the different races here on earth were formed? Message: Yes Dear One we are pleased to speak with you on this topic. Each race was formed because of separation consciousness. To keep you separate and create discord, envy and jealousy. Can you […]