Message from the Sirian High Council

Greetings Blessed Beloved One We come to you this day from the High Council and wish to impart this Divine Message of infiltration to your readers, the sovereign rule in regards to their Ascension into their true selves and their 5D Light body. We are working with the Violet Flame to transmute all density from […]

Earth bound Spirits & Transitioning

Me: Dear Arcturian Higher Self Team I would like information on spirits that have left their bodies but still stuck to the earth and are like ghosts as I experienced. Message: Yes we have much to say on this subject. When a spirit crosses over it depends on their vibration and level of frequency whether […]

Knowing Thyself

Me: Dear Ascension Team. Could you provide me with information about ‘Knowing Thyself’ Message: Yes we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. To know yourself puts you fully in the vibration of Peace. Knowing all is well in your world. It is imperative that you all move forward into the space of […]