Activation to help you release

Me: Dear Council of Light and Ascension Team would you provide me with an activation for my guests on Spiritwalkers? Message: Beloved Cathrine. We are gathered together around the core of Gaia to give thanks and praise that you have taken this monumental step and moved forward in Light and Love on this Divine path. […]

Daily assistance of our Guides

Me: I would like to share more on the role of our Guides and Guardian Angels. What role they play and how they assist us daily. Message: Yes Dear One. Your Guides are here to nudge you along your path or to help you get back onto your path if you stray. They cannot interfere […]

Knowing Thyself

Me: Dear Ascension Team. Could you provide me with information about ‘Knowing Thyself’ Message: Yes we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. To know yourself puts you fully in the vibration of Peace. Knowing all is well in your world. It is imperative that you all move forward into the space of […]