Activation to remove blockages

I asked my Higher Self Team if they could provide me with an activation to remove all blockages that were preventing me from fully Allowing, Accepting and Receiving. Message: Yes Dearest Cathrine. Sit back and allow our message to pour forth. Just relax and center yourself. Bring all of the awareness of self into the […]

Flow of Abundance

Me: Greetings my Soul Team. Can you advise me about the seemingly lack of flow of abundance in my life? Message: Yes Dear One we are please to speak with you on this subject. You have held the vibration of lack and scarcity that you inherited from your Now family members. It is good for […]

Knowing Thyself

Me: Dear Ascension Team. Could you provide me with information about ‘Knowing Thyself’ Message: Yes we are pleased to speak with you on this subject. To know yourself puts you fully in the vibration of Peace. Knowing all is well in your world. It is imperative that you all move forward into the space of […]