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Golden Cord Meditation from Margaret Claire Jacobs

Margaret Claire has been gifted with this Golden Cord Meditation from The Mothers and all the Beings of Light. In this meditation, each one is gifted to integrate into the highest light, energy, and cellular vibration for Fifth Dimension that is possible on the planet Earth. This meditation is for about 20 minutes. 

Accompanied by Toning before and after the meditation,(opening your mouth to give sound with your voice and the intention to be connected to Creator vibration) enhances our ability to connect to that which is our Unity.

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Meditation by Gabriele Weber

Awakening the Pineal Gland

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The Quest Book by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

Heal your life Heal your Destiny

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Free Gift from Marian Cameron


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Free Gifts from Nelly Datwyler and Dushy Abeyesekera

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The Emotional Guidance Scale 

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What are Dimensions and How They Work


Free Gift from Caroline Oceana Ryan

Gifts from the collective (channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan)

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Ana-La-Rai Free Gift

  Guided Full Moon with Merlin where he speaks of the Power of Magic  (a continuation from a session that morning) and charges a crystal for individual use for each listener.

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Terrie Christine

How to eliminate Frustration Hurt and Pain

Feel Happiness Again


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Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton

Archangel Michael’s book

The Book of Animals

Healing Wisdom for the Animal Kingdom


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“Wow! A wonderful book on the teaching of not only on how to open and expand our awareness to animals but how we can directly assist them with ease and grace. In the THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing and Wisdom from Archangel Michael by Kelly Hampton, Archangel Michael gently guides us by mixing narrative and prayer to help aid our understanding. After reading his words I am uplifted and filled with excitement for what is to come. A must read for anyone who is seeking a way to heal and expand love to our beloved Earth.”

— Tracy Redford, Fenton, MI

“Written in the same powerful, poignant prose as Kelly’s last two books, Archangel Michael’s voice (through Kelly) resounds through these pages with clarity and purpose. He gently educates readers about the animal kingdom – past, present, and future – to help us understand, connect with, and heal these profoundly sensitive, loving beings. He continues his teachings on such essential topics as ascension, Mother Earth, underground civilizations, intergalactic ancestors, Atlantis, harmonic codes, and energy healing while revealing many surprising truths about land, air, and marine animals. Finally, we learn the answers to many of our burning questions: what really happened to the dinosaurs? How can we help animals on the brink of extinction? How do animals find their way back home over great distances? And, most importantly, what can we do to help our animal friends during this great time of ascension? These answers and many more, lie within.”

–Chelsea J, Northern California

“Amazing and enlightening!! I have read and re-read THE BOOK OF ANIMALS and it is the most important information we need” to understand all types of animal species whether on land or in the water. Channeled by Kelly Hampton, Archangel Michael has given us inspiring information about the animals on our planet from the past, the present, and those yet to come. This beautiful information cannot be found anywhere else. In his loving way, he touches our hearts and shows us how to help all animal species on Earth. The Angel’s information about the mythical creatures that will be re-appearing on the planet brings joy to one’s heart. This book touched my soul on a very deep level.”
–Patti Ransford, USA

“Loving the book. Thank you Kelly and Archangel Michael.”
–Wendy Logan, USA

“I love it…Can’t get enough of it..Been waiting for this book for a while… makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!!! Thank you Kelly!!”
— Emmy, USA


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